C2 Dependent Prepositions (Verbs)

100 terms By ChristinaMadrid Teacher

Arabic Prepositional Verbs (2)

39 terms By e_arabic Teacher

Arabic Prepositional Verbs (1)

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Preposition verbs

31 terms By julikram Teacher

Prepositional Verbs German to English

55 terms By hopscotch

dependent prepositions - verbs

33 terms By alevente Teacher

Unit 2 prepositions, verbs of movement

16 terms By Lucas23 Teacher

Denk Mal! Lektion 5 Prepositional Verb Phrases (s. 173)

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Prepositional Verbs

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99 terms By joewagstaff

Prepositional Verbs (to use with da-wo)

25 terms By wburgbacher Teacher

Verb and preposition: verbs in general 2

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Verb and preposition: verbs in general 1

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Prepositions - Verb & Preposition (Business)

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Denk mal! Kapitel 5 Prepositional Verb Phrases Akk

33 terms By FrauElder

Deu5 Deu4 Prepositional Verbs

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Preposition + verb ING

16 terms By alvarobernal Teacher

Deutsch@WHS: German 2-Way Prepositions + Verbs

16 terms By WHS-Deutsch-Roth Teacher

Preposition Verbs

39 terms By ianmace

Sheet 3: Prepositional Verbs

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Verb and Preposition: verbs commonly used in the passive form

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Prepositional Verbs

16 terms By steph_mecham

verb and preposition: verbs in general 5

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Reflexive Verbs and Prepositional Verb Phrases

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verb and preposition: verbs in general 4

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Denk mal! Kapitel 5 Prepositional Verb Phrases DAT

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Prepositions + verbs

39 terms By Ashley_Kitzerow

Spanish Prepositional Verbs

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verb and preposition: verbs in general 3

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Prepositional verbs

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verb and preposition: verbs often used in law

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Prepositional Verbs

79 terms By mikeberardo

Prepositional Verbs

44 terms By LanguageAssassin

Preposition Verbs

118 terms By jamierieger18

Fixed Prepositions (verbs + prepositions)

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preposition verbs

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preposition verbs

39 terms By shildkrg

Preposition Verbs

70 terms By annie_bannanie

Phrasal and prepositional verbs

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dependant prepositions (verbs)

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Prepositional Verbs

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Prepositions: verb + de

47 terms By DouglasWaters

Dependent prepositions - Verb + direct object + preposition + indirect object

25 terms By grzesznik17

Reflexive Prepositional Verbs

5 terms By MATTHEWSK Teacher

Taylor Ch 3 misc vocab (prepositions/verbs)

11 terms By JaneMason Teacher

English Dependent Prepositions - Verb + Preposition

101 terms By SCRM

prepositional verb phrases/reflexive verbs and pronouns

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Preposition Verb

27 terms By CourtneyGuc

Prepositional Verb Phrases

53 terms By MarvinMedinaV

Prepositional Verbs

37 terms By kittykattorrez