Present-tense Verb Form Conjugations

151 terms By SraMeissnerHuerta Teacher

Present tense verbs

35 terms By missoconnor1 Teacher

Year 9 Present Tense verbs

72 terms By kilvington Teacher

German Present Tense Verbs - So Far!

82 terms By MadamePanella Teacher

present tense verbs

30 terms By MissWrightHCS Teacher

Present tense verbs regular

56 terms By lexi_banasiewicz


95 terms By quizlette872888 Teacher

-ER and -IR Present Tense Verbs

60 terms By pkrogers Teacher

Irregular Present Tense Verbs

40 terms By iveydavis Teacher

Present Tense Verbs (-ar)

30 terms By ethankwok102001

Lección Preliminar: Present Tense Verbs

53 terms By GonzalezDGS Teacher

French Present Tense Verbs

312 terms By rc0121

Reg & Irreg er/ir present tense verbs

16 terms By ProfeToro03 Teacher

Stem Changing present tense verb practice

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33 terms By isabrodr Teacher

Regular Present Tense Verbs

64 terms By cebeltran Teacher

Present Tense Verb Conjugations--PRACTICE!

60 terms By arkonm Teacher

Stem-Changing Present Tense Verbs

40 terms By Brooke_Oast Teacher

Irregular present tense verb

27 terms By Wellens Teacher

Present tense verb review - meanings

134 terms By sramatzen Teacher

Present Tense Verb Review List

91 terms By cpaynea Teacher

Present Tense Verbs

89 terms By lrichardson722 Teacher

Regular Present Tense Verbs

32 terms By mrverney Teacher

irregular present tense verbs

58 terms By senorahoffmanfields Teacher

Present Tense Verb Chart

51 terms By srareynolds Teacher

AMSCO Present Tense Verbs

167 terms By SrHAmsco Teacher

100% Regular Present Tense Verbs (Text Only)

41 terms By Hawkinator Teacher

Shell Present Tense verb test - MCFB

40 terms By mcfbrown Teacher

present tense verbs 3rd, 4th lists

38 terms By gportanova Teacher

Regular Present Tense Verbs

80 terms By KarenScharf

irregular and stem-changing present tense verbs.

112 terms By SrVanFleet Teacher

Span. 4 - Common irregular present tense verbs

42 terms By sarahannbentley Teacher

1. present tense verbs

15 terms By Madame_latham Teacher

Regular Present Tense Verbs

59 terms By anfrigaard

Regular Present Tense Verbs

160 terms By CGISpanish

Present Tense Verbs - I, he/she, and they

34 terms By lizcoward Teacher

Spanish 2- Regular Present Tense verbs er/ ir

25 terms By magdareid Teacher

er/ir Present Tense verbs

56 terms By Mrs_Opdahl

present tense verbs 1st conj

24 terms By MissWrightHCS Teacher

Present-tense verbs (regular)

92 terms By davidmcdonie Teacher

Present Tense verbs

83 terms By sldreyer Teacher

present tense verbs

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Present Tense Verb Endings

5 terms By lizcoward Teacher

WDC past tense verbs

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Present Tense Verbs

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