Spanish Verb Infinitives -- -AR -ER -IR Complete List

66 terms By janiceribeiro Teacher

Spanish Verb Infinitives -- -AR -ER -IR Complete List

66 terms By Mora998 Teacher

Preterite AR Verbs w/ question words

49 terms By JEREMY_SPRAGUE Teacher

Spanish 1 -AR Spanish Verbs

65 terms By berthafigueroa Teacher

Common -ar Spanish Verbs

38 terms By nidhirao731

8.2 Preterite -AR verbs (Low) *includes -CAR/-GAR & reflexive

40 terms By sldreyer Teacher

Regular "ER/IR/AR" Spanish Verbs

36 terms By Always_Reading

-AR Spanish Verbs

30 terms By magistramartin Teacher

Spanish Verb Infinitives -- -AR -ER -IR Complete List

66 terms By AESSpanish Teacher

Spanish Verbs Lesson4 (preterite ar)

54 terms By inna94

Spanish Verbs in the Preterite Tense

31 terms By senorfawcett Teacher

JHS Spanish II irregular preterite ser, ir, dar, hacer, ver AND regular preterite -AR verbs

42 terms By rxk2jc Teacher

Regular Preterite -AR verbs

120 terms By SrVanFleet Teacher

Random Preterite -AR, -ER and -IR Verbs

105 terms By kimberlyengel Teacher

ASD2 Regular Preterite -ar, -er, -ir

138 terms By sahoffmann Teacher

Preterite AR verbs

65 terms By traceyherbert Teacher

Preterite -AR conjugations (espaƱol)

52 terms By campanas Teacher

preterite -ar,-er/-ir, hacer, car, gar, zar verbs

25 terms By SrtaHellman Teacher

AR Spanish verbs Part 2

13 terms By MmeSanders Teacher

Spanish Verb Review

12 terms By spedteachers Teacher

Spanish 2: Preterite -AR Verbs and -ER/- IR Verbs (Ortiz-Clark)

38 terms By carmenortizclark Teacher

Preterite AR,ER,IR Spanish is Fun

15 terms By osogrito

Verbs in the Preterite (-ar verbs)

6 terms By Weehop

Preterite -ar verbs, hacer and ir

57 terms By LWFernandez Teacher

-Ar Spanish Verbs

15 terms By sabra_wineteer Teacher

8.2 Preterite -AR ending verb

39 terms By sldreyer Teacher

Preterite (-ar verbs)

6 terms By SrtaAbarca Teacher

ar spanish verbs

12 terms By beach3mom

Spanish verbs - Spanish 1 -

43 terms By wendyestaffieri Teacher

Ir/Er/Ar spanish verbs

71 terms By flyhusky153

preterite AR verb endings

6 terms By lgranger Teacher

Preterite AR/ER/IR Verbs

29 terms By sp2011 Teacher

Spanish Preterite AR Verbs

14 terms By Ms_Berger Teacher

-ar- Spanish Verbs

30 terms By GracieEmily

Preterite (-ar verbs with reflexives and IR)

22 terms By adurante13 Teacher

Spanish verbs: preterite -ar

16 terms By its_juulia

Regular Preterite -AR Verbs

50 terms By srayde Teacher

AR Spanish- verbs

25 terms By caro0727

Preterite -ar verbs

80 terms By srastigall Teacher

2.2 PRETERITE AR verb practice

77 terms By haryckim Teacher

8.2 Preterite -AR verbs Med) *includes -CAR/-GAR & reflexive

40 terms By sldreyer Teacher

Regular Preterite -AR Verbs

47 terms By sradukala Teacher

Sims Spanish Regular AR Verbs

43 terms By carolannz Teacher

AR spanish verb meanings

34 terms By gymnastqueen

3 - Preterite AR verbs

40 terms By SraRuegnitz

AR Spanish Verbs

24 terms By makakathorpe

Preterite -ar verbs

31 terms By rpiccolella

Realidades -ar Spanish Verbs

74 terms By aimazon97

Preterite -AR Verbs

28 terms By carmenortizclark Teacher

Spanish verb drill (imperfect & preterite)

48 terms By pjbfny