preterit & imperfect conjugation practice

30 terms By gbranson Teacher

Preterite/Imperfect Quiz Online

15 terms By sycamoresoto Teacher

Trigger Words: Preterite/Imperfect

17 terms By sjprofe Teacher

Preterite/ Imperfect Review

61 terms By bergstromSN Teacher

5A Preterite & Imperfect

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20 terms By clittle257 Teacher

Trigger Words II: Preterite/Imperfect

24 terms By sjprofe Teacher

Preterite & Imperfect Keywords

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28 terms By LeannSkach

Preterite / Imperfect Conjugation Practice

21 terms By Hagemeier

2.5 verbos preterite /imperfect

21 terms By sr_conway Teacher

Preterit & Imperfect Time Expressions

25 terms By profemas Teacher

Preterite & Imperfect Endings

50 terms By lmrose Teacher

The 44 (present, preterite, imperfect or command) plus answer in English

44 terms By David_Skeen Teacher

Present Indicative, Preterite, Imperfect, Future, Present Subjunctive

39 terms By missbuttercup Teacher

Avancemos 2 - 4.1 Preterite & Imperfect Translations

19 terms By dphillip Teacher

Preterite & Imperfect Translations

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28 terms By mpalome Teacher

Preterite & Imperfect Conjugation

50 terms By lmrose Teacher

Spanish 3 - OA#19 - La Rutina Cotidiana (Preterite/Imperfect)

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Preterite & Imperfect Trigger Words

45 terms By srastigall Teacher

Preterit & Imperfect Uses

17 terms By mkchandl Teacher

PVHS Preterite/ Imperfect clue words

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All Present, Preterite, Imperfect Practice for Quiz:La Música

16 terms By lackeykimberly Teacher

QUERER Present, Preterite, Imperfect, Future

20 terms By katekent50 Teacher

Preterite/ Imperfect clue words

19 terms By jgiraldo Teacher

Combo with "Preterite/Imperfect" and 3 others

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CLS Spanish IGCSE Spanish grammar - present, preterite, imperfect, simple future verb revision

20 terms By redmundson Teacher

Preterite/Imperfect; Práctica

50 terms By sycamoresoto Teacher

Phrases that Indicate the Preterite/Imperfect

43 terms By gsampson Teacher

expressions that trigger preterit & imperfect

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NAHS 3: Conditions Requiring Preterite/Imperfect

14 terms By Melissa_Badger Teacher

Useful words- preterite/ imperfect

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47 terms By bananamaker

Preterite/ Imperfect key words

23 terms By abrownshs Teacher

Preterite/ Imperfect clue words

19 terms By AnnaGW

Avancemos 2 U4L1 Uses of Preterite & Imperfect

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preterite/imperfect trigger words

28 terms By gbranson Teacher

Preterite/Imperfect vocab

26 terms By SraGuffey Teacher

Sims Spanish - Preterite, Imperfect, or both?t

10 terms By carolannz Teacher

Preterite / Imperfect Practice (Span 2)

49 terms By jrooke Teacher

preterite/imperfect clue words

17 terms By marissamoon

Spanish 112 Unit 2 - Preterite & Imperfect Time Markers

18 terms By senorbanas Teacher

Spanish Past Tense Preterite & Imperfect

254 terms By gbh

Preterite & Imperfect

55 terms By michael-lou

preterite & imperfect

29 terms By SraSteffens Teacher

preterite/imperfect top verbs

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15 terms By lmagdy Teacher


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preterite & imperfect II

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