Present/ Preterite / Imperfect

60 terms By dhaack TEACHER

preterit & imperfect conjugation practice

30 terms By gbranson TEACHER

Preterite & Imperfect Endings

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Preterite / Imperfect -- story telling

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Preterite & Imperfect Keywords

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Preterite/Imperfect Quiz Online

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2.5 verbos preterite /imperfect

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5A Preterite & Imperfect

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Preterit & Imperfect Time Expressions

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Preterit & Imperfect Uses

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NAHS 3: Conditions Requiring Preterite/Imperfect

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Preterite/Imperfect; Práctica

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Preterite/Imperfect Verbs

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Preterite/ Imperfect Review

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Preterite & Imperfect Conjugation

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2.4 - Preterit & Imperfect Indicators

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Preterite & Imperfect Translation

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Walhout 7th Period: Trigger Words for Preterite/Imperfect

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expressions that trigger preterit & imperfect

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preterite imperfect loteria list

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Clue Words for Preterite & Imperfect

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Preterit imperfect vocabulary

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Sp4 Compare Preterite Imperfect

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Extra practice: Preterite & Imperfect

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Combo with "Preterite/Imperfect" and 3 others

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Phrases that Indicate the Preterite/Imperfect

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La Rutina Cotidiana (Preterite/Imperfect)

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level 4, preterite/imperfect

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Preterite/Imperfect Clue Words

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Present Verb & Preterite, Imperfect (past)

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Preterite/Imperfect Trigger Words

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Preterite & Imperfect Trigger Words

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Extra practice: Preterite & Imperfect MVC version

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Practice preterit imperfect

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