D'Accord Unit 1B Subject Pronouns French w/ image-English

32 terms By MmeThomas Teacher

Pronouns- French 4

8 terms By wilsonlrw

Subject Pronouns French with photos-English

32 terms By madamemartincourt Teacher

Possessive pronouns French

15 terms By staffvlo Teacher

Subject Pronouns - French to English - 2A

9 terms By MadameByerly Teacher

Double Object Pronouns 1

21 terms By Deb_Wendt Teacher

Direct & Indirect Object Pronouns French 2, Unit 4

38 terms By MadameMaul

French 3-4 Ch O-3 Possessive pronouns

21 terms By GPHS-French Teacher

French 3-4 Ch O-2 double object pronouns

17 terms By GPHS-French Teacher

Subject Pronouns - French

9 terms By jqanddq Teacher

French 2 Ch. 2 single object pronouns

38 terms By GPHS-French Teacher

2 Pronouns in the same sentence. le.la.les with lui leur

10 terms By Deb_Wendt Teacher

GACS lclab French 4/5 pronoun practice

32 terms By lclab

Subject Pronouns - French

8 terms By ms-obrien-french Teacher

French 4 Pronoun questions

30 terms By MmeWarder Teacher

Pronouns- French 4

9 terms By joaquinjerez

CEHS French 4 Les amis object pronouns

45 terms By dpeary

Direct Obj pronouns french

9 terms By profframboise

French 4 Pronoun Practice

20 terms By MmeWarder Teacher

French Order of Pronouns

24 terms By frenchetc

French 4 Final - Relative Pronouns

9 terms By jigajigajoo

French 4 pronouns

16 terms By avail33

Subject pronouns French

9 terms By rachelhbaker Teacher

Pronouns - French Quiz - 5.16.13

45 terms By rosie_16lrs

Negations and Indefinite Pronouns/Adjectives

28 terms By JenniferSa

French 4: Indefinite Adjectives and Pronouns

12 terms By atropper17

French 3-4 Ch O-2 double object pronouns in commands

17 terms By GPHS-French Teacher

French Double Object Pronouns

34 terms By mmorris1965

French indirect object pronouns

6 terms By dilbert13

Demonstrative Pronouns - French

22 terms By libfoster

Reflexive Pronouns-French

28 terms By kaylan3

Subject Pronouns - French

8 terms By mehlers1025

Demonstrative Pronouns

8 terms By BadWolfBabe

Stress Pronouns French

8 terms By nsoler

Pronouns - French

8 terms By keenick4

Subject Pronouns (French)

42 terms By Madison_Fahlborg

Object pronouns french

42 terms By katcarey20

pronouns: french

15 terms By ldragonqueen5

Relative Pronouns (French IV)

65 terms By Shibesa

Direct object pronouns French 2 Caton

7 terms By tynescarroll

Personal pronouns French

9 terms By Failte13

venir/jouer/pronouns (french)

19 terms By korea1000

Direct/Indirect Pronouns (French)

11 terms By lauren_mikuriya

Pronouns, french.

16 terms By hollasamm

Indefinite adjectives and Pronouns French 3

16 terms By carodogs

indirect object pronouns french

27 terms By katcarey20

Direct object pronoun- french 2

6 terms By nikkiaccetta

Adjectives and Pronouns, French

19 terms By kidzero

Exceptions to Indefinite Adjectives and Pronouns French 3H U4

4 terms By dgomez990

Relative Pronouns (4) activité pratique

33 terms By marierashworth