Public Relations Vocab Exam #1

55 terms By AVIANA

Public Relations

87 terms By anthony_nguyen1

Public Relations

20 terms By HJHS_MsWilson Teacher

Unit 2 AoS 3: Public Relations

25 terms By ColTrac Teacher

Public Relations

13 terms By CaraHarding237 Teacher

Promotional Public Relations

13 terms By rgouker Teacher

APR: Public Relations and Law

38 terms By GiggyZ

Introduction to Public Relations

108 terms By robe7950

APR: Public Relations Ethics

7 terms By GiggyZ

Public Relations Final Exam

104 terms By Andrea_Cooper22

Public Relations Test #1

47 terms By mgleb359

Public Relations Midterm

79 terms By Andrea_Cooper22

Public Relations

16 terms By quizlette424727

advertising and public relations

9 terms By bevlang Teacher

Advertising, Public Relations, and Sales Promotion

17 terms By David_Johnson3 Teacher

RTVF80 Ch. 12 Public Relation

6 terms By riho_ishihara

Ch. 10 Public Relations

43 terms By astallings22

Public Relations

94 terms By Mutasimsaleh11

public relations final exam

75 terms By Jacqueline_Tarzian

Public Relations: Chapter 7

51 terms By joydazzo

Chapter 11: Public Relations

27 terms By michaelrallo95

Public Relations Exam #2

34 terms By emery_love

Public Relations

162 terms By mathieu_hodnett

Public Relations

59 terms By achealy

Public Relations

40 terms By IntroPsych

Public Relations

41 terms By CoreyVis

Advertising and Public Relations

43 terms By Lekden8

Public Relations Exam #1

94 terms By oforkenbrock

Public Relations Exam 1

43 terms By Raven_Thomas

Public Relations Exam #3

48 terms By elirae

Public Relations TECEP 2

33 terms By barrelracer09

PR( public relation)

16 terms By quizlette6999543

Public Relations (Community & Customer) Lesson 1

10 terms By ZipEdTech Teacher

Public Relations TECEP

47 terms By barrelracer09

Public Relations (Community & Customer) Lesson 2

10 terms By ZipEdTech Teacher