Relative pronouns - zaimki wzgledne (who, which, where, that, whose etc)

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Laser Unit 14: Relative Clauses (who/which/where/when/whose)

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Page 56A Question Words (Who, What, Which, Where, How)

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What? Who? Where? How? Why? Which?

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Relative Clauses (who/which/where/when/whose)

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Page 56C - Question Words Sentences (Who, What, Which, Where, How)

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when why how where who which what

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what when where who which how

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IMA1 Question words 1 (what, who, how, etc.)

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Questions: What, when, where, who

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what, who, what, when, and where questions.

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2.06 Module Question Words (what, who which)

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Spanish What, Who, Which, How words

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When / Where / What / Who / Which / Whose / Why / How /

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Who When Where What Who How Did

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NIUEAN-What,Who,When, Which and Why?

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Practise on Wh- Questions / What -When-How Often-Where- Who

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Five question words: what, who, why, where and how.

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Hver (Who, which, what): Inflection

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B2.9 Questions: Who, What, Where, Y/N + BE 15F2

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P183/ Oct 28 (who/which/where/when/whose)

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Latin 230: Relative Pronouns ("Who", "Which", "What", etc.)

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who which where

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The Relative Pronoun(who;which;that;what) All genders

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Interrogative Pronoun/Adjective 'who' 'which' 'what'

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What, who, why, when, where, how

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when where why who which

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qui quae quod (who/which/what)

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Interrogative Words: Who, what, when, where, why, how, how much, which, with whom, because

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Descriptions with who, which, where WZ 4th Sept

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What, who, where words

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What, where, what, who

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When where what who...

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Pictures (4 W)what, who, when, where(period)

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RELATIVE CLAUSES who, which, where (U12)

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Relative Pronouns (Who, Which, When, Where, & That)

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Pronouns: who? which? what?

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Relative pronouns (who which what)

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1B - Question Words (how, which, where, from where, with whom, whose) Lloyd's Darija Study Sess…

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relative pronouns who, which, when, where, that

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What who Where

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Who which when where that

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New Engish File Pre-Intermediate Unite1/D A kijelölő jelzői mellékmondat (defining relative clauses)…

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SAT Grammar: Relative Pronouns: Who, Which, When, Where & That

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1B1 - Question Words Sentences (how, which, where, from where, with whom, whose) Lloyd's Darija…

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Questions What/Where

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New Engish File Pre-Intermediate Unite1/D A kijelölő jelzői mellékmondat (defining relative clauses)…

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