Laser Unit 14: Relative Clauses (who/which/where/when/whose)

20 terms By Luke_J_K_Armstrong Teacher

Who which what when where how why

8 terms By unicornsprklez

What? Who? Where? How? Why? Which?

11 terms By Doylan_Mihov

Relative Clauses (who/which/where/when/whose)

20 terms By Colegio_BG Teacher

when why how where who which what

9 terms By EllenG123

IMA1 Question words 1 (what, who, how, etc.)

6 terms By Nakajima_King Teacher

Questions: What, when, where, who

6 terms By Annick27

When, where,what, why, who, which, how.

9 terms By superdon007malt6

what when where who which how

7 terms By toepack24


10 terms By teeacherdani

2.06 Module Question Words (what, who which)

14 terms By Meghan_Bartlett

Who When Where What Who How Did

13 terms By kiwibirdx_x


20 terms By olga_neprasova

NIUEAN-What,Who,When, Which and Why?

6 terms By Hanofu_Ikiua

B2.9 Questions: Who, What, Where, Y/N + BE 16S1

25 terms By VanWagnerL Teacher

Hver (Who, which, what): Inflection

24 terms By larissadk2

P183/ Oct 28 (who/which/where/when/whose)

20 terms By keithalc09 Teacher

Who, which, where, that, whom, wo

14 terms By KatjaSF

where, what, who etc spanish

11 terms By Avani_Vasudevan

who which where

5 terms By supiniatko

What, who, why, when, where, how

14 terms By Emilio_Desouza5

qui quae quod (who/which/what)

18 terms By Isobel_Dunbabin

when where why who which

10 terms By ktangvik

questions (what,who,etc.)

16 terms By Karley-Bailey

What, who, where words

11 terms By anderson_mp

What, where, what, who

4 terms By janjablonka

When where what who...

8 terms By Marita_Forde8

Pictures (4 W)what, who, when, where(period)

25 terms By tabythia_lee


3 terms By majduska

Pronouns: who? which? what?

9 terms By iunder

Relative pronouns (who which what)

10 terms By Nick_Massar