Preterite of Regular -er and -ir Verbs

10 terms By apbarcenas Teacher

Common regular -er and -ir verbs

25 terms By Jo- Teacher

Unit 3 Regular -ER and -IR Verbs

16 terms By Kelola Teacher

Regular -Er and -Ir verbs

29 terms By jenglade Teacher

Spanish 1: Regular -er and -ir Verbs

18 terms By marquezviada Teacher

regular "er" and "ir" verbs

26 terms By Profe_Rocori Teacher

regular -er/-ir verbs

18 terms By jincelli Teacher

Common ER and IR Verbs

39 terms By mwfite Teacher

SLGr8 Regular -er and -ir verbs - El Pretérito

50 terms By lischou Teacher

New -ER/-IR Spanish verbs

14 terms By spedteachers Teacher

Regular -ER and -IR Verbs

20 terms By rspanish Teacher

Present Tense -AR/ER/IR Regular Verbs conjugation practice in context

55 terms By mcranley Teacher

-ER/-IR Verbs (Spanish 1)

26 terms By bourquephs Teacher

Present Tense -AR/ER/IR Regular Verbs conjugation

28 terms By Laura_Hernandez11 Teacher

Preterit, Regular -er and -ir verbs

14 terms By duffybbms Teacher

REGULAR "er" and "ir" verbs

20 terms By andreamyo

senora lh regular er and ir verbs

25 terms By lluther Teacher

Spanish Verb Infinitives -- -AR -ER -IR Complete List

83 terms By Carolina_Brumbley Teacher

Regular -ER and -IR Verbs

20 terms By maggies2011 Teacher

Spanish Preterite Regular Verbs Practice

50 terms By profebollman Teacher

Regular er and ir verb meanings

24 terms By pmice Teacher

Regular -ER and -IR verbs

9 terms By VikkiBroida Teacher

ER and IR verbs

13 terms By suzyfday Teacher

Regular Present Tense -ar / -er / -ir Verbs

61 terms By tnovakEA Teacher

Regular -ER and -IR verbs

14 terms By faucherk Teacher

Regular "er" and "ir" verbs

15 terms By Francisco_Moran Teacher

Level 2: Preterite of regular "-er" and "-ir" verbs

12 terms By bpojman Teacher

Regular er and ir verbs

166 terms By glehman Teacher

The present tense: regular -ER, -IR and -RE verbs

24 terms By stonyhurstfrench Teacher

Spanish 1, Unit 4 -er and -ir Verbs

26 terms By wendy_stuck Teacher

Regular Ar, Er, Ir Verbs

47 terms By tcrowe98 Teacher

8.2 Regular -AR/-ER/-IR Preterite tense verbs combined

93 terms By sldreyer Teacher

ar,er,ir verbs

29 terms By MIBOU Teacher

Los Verbos Regulares ER e IR - 3rd year

40 terms By rebeccaon Teacher

Preterite regular ER/IR verbs

48 terms By snistler Teacher

Spanish 1 - Regular -IR/-ER Verb List

13 terms By ashliekmiller Teacher

Spanish Regular Present Tense -er/-ir Verb Practice

45 terms By wdenham Teacher

Capasso Present Tense (REGULAR ar,er,ir verbs)

26 terms By robisonc Teacher

Spanish 3 - Regular -ER and -IR Verbs

21 terms By MochaMonkey44

Hartman-ER and IR Verbs

66 terms By angihartman Teacher

Verb List 2: Regular ER and IR Verbs

35 terms By Profe_Rosing Teacher

Regular -er and -ir verbs

28 terms By jsims8

Scots Spanish Verbs: Regular ER and IR Verbs

22 terms By aliokane

-Ar, -Er and -Ir Verbs

20 terms By SenioritaAlden

Regular "ER/IR/AR" Spanish Verbs

36 terms By Always_Reading

Common Regular -AR - ER - IR verbs

40 terms By Sr-Rocha Teacher

Regular er, ir and ar verbs in the preterite

30 terms By atvonesh Teacher

Spanish- regular ER and IR verbs

28 terms By dchang2

regular -Ir verbs, finir

18 terms By Mme_Roach Teacher

Regular --er and --ir verbs in the present tense

18 terms By mzawierucha