Spanish Preterite Regular Verbs Practice

50 terms By profebollman TEACHER

ASD2 Regular Preterite -ar, -er, -ir

138 terms By sahoffmann TEACHER

Spanish 4 (Preterite vs Imperfect)

97 terms By independentspanish TEACHER

Spanish 4 Preterite Verbs

58 terms By MegShelion

Spanish 4 Preterite Verbs (Mr. Anthon's Class)

115 terms By andrewjones1513

Sp. 4 Preterite

50 terms By Velascol TEACHER

Spanish 4 Preterit Tense (Leal)

50 terms By michaelleal

Spanish 4 Preterite Regular endings

12 terms By purpleisfun

Preterit- regular verbs

17 terms By Samantha_Finneseth TEACHER

Regular Preterite

54 terms By rbough TEACHER

Common Spanish Verbs: Regular Preterit

175 terms By Sra_Miller TEACHER

Izzy regular Spanish preterite

18 terms By StevenFrench TEACHER

Spanish Preterite Regular Verbs Practice

50 terms By Bryan_McMahan TEACHER

Regular AR/ER/IR preterite verb endings

39 terms By MaestraWebb TEACHER

Spanish 4 Preterite Regular Vocab

99 terms By lkay03254

Regular Preterite Transations

20 terms By holasenoracahill TEACHER

TEST study guide Regular Preterite Verbs

170 terms By hovdeh TEACHER

Regular Preterite

10 terms By maggienance TEACHER

Spanish 2R Ch 4 Preterite vs. Imperfect


Spanish 4: Preterite

37 terms By kallicholes

ASD2 Cap.4 Preterite of Stem-changing Verbs

37 terms By sahoffmann TEACHER

Spanish 4, Preterite Conjugations

31 terms By Chloe1624

Preterite Regular All Forms

10 terms By aorozcoachs TEACHER

Spanish 4: preterit (nosotros)

43 terms By kjcolby

Spanish 4 preterite test

86 terms By Abigail_Binz

Preterite endings for regular I-R verbs

9 terms By Gayle_Smith TEACHER

Preterite Endings for regular verbs- A-R

9 terms By Gayle_Smith TEACHER

spanish 4 preterite

90 terms By abracadabbah35

Spanish 4 Preterite vs Imperfect Key Words

34 terms By SrMatteson TEACHER

Regular Spanish 4 - Vocabulary

42 terms By Spencer_Stendig

Spanish Preterite vs Present

186 terms By stokaji

Spanish 4 Preterite

154 terms By iluvjinglebelle

Spanish 4 Preterit and imperfect endings

40 terms By lapierreisghetto

Spanish 4 Preterite Review

22 terms By there-and-baek-again

Spanish 4 Preterite Packet

41 terms By helid2007

Spanish 4 Preterite

36 terms By CoolioBridgeto

Spanish 4 Preterite words

41 terms By cami_wery

Spanish 4 Preterite Test

61 terms By rpalms

Spanish 4 preterite flashcards

40 terms By Joe-Bevi

Spanish 4 Preterite Verbs

69 terms By skongala531

spanish 4 preterite list

69 terms By kenzie8482

Spanish 4 Preterite and Imperfect

37 terms By Sophiepettit