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Countries (romaji)

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Greetings: Romaji

By Mori-SenseiTEACHER
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romaji adjectives

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doshi - romaji

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Greetings romaji

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Body_Hiragana & Romaji

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Greetings: Romaji

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Greetings: Romaji

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romaji days of the month

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Adjectives- Japanese (Romaji)

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Adjectives- Japanese (Romaji)

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Greetings in Romaji

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Japanese Colours - romaji

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Places (romaji)

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People (romaji)

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Transport (romaji)

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Family - Romaji

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Japanese Colours - romaji

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Greetings: Romaji

By esther_pearson
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Basic Japanese Verbs (with romaji)

By reimandTEACHER
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Verbs For Japanese 1 (romaji)

By BachmannTEACHER
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Hiragana to romaji

By mysteriousfan
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numbers in romaji

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Animals in Japanese (romaji)

By CareySenseiTEACHER
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Greetings in Romaji

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Family words - Romaji

By enrightcTEACHER
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Verbs Vocab. Romaji

By ara_cely
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Genki Lesson 1 Vocabulary - Romaji

By rubidiummTEACHER
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Days of the Month - Japanese (romaji)

By Mr_GregoryTEACHER
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Hiragana to Romaji

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Genki Lesson 2 Vocabulary - Romaji

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Familie (Romaji)

By CarolinVater
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Color Words - Romaji

By JaneHolland
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Zeiten (Romaji)

By CarolinVater
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Japanese family members - romaji

By gennatsenseiTEACHER
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BEG Food ( Romaji )

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colours romaji - English

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Japanese Romaji Colours

By krain0039
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My Family Japanese Romaji

By mrrichard
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Junior Japanese Drink Romaji

By sully_senseiTEACHER
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Katakana 1 with Romaji

9 terms by MulSenseiTEACHER

Japanese (romaji) - Greetings

By cfinlayson03
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Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana & Romaji

31 terms by Makoto_HTEACHER

Japanese House_Hiragana with Romaji

By iwaa
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doobutsu (animals) in romaji

By mivor5TEACHER
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Weather & Days - Kanji & Romaji

By theYakicicSensei
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Japanese School Subjects - romaji

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Katakana Complete with Romaji

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