Chinese Vocabulary: Hobbies

By Morgan_Parvey
12 terms by Morgan_Parvey

Chinese Vocabulary ~ Hobby

By lschineseTEACHER
12 terms by lschineseTEACHER

Chinese Fourth Grade Hobbies Vocabulary

By dianedarling
14 terms by dianedarling

Hobbies & Interests Vocabulary in Chinese

By Shea_Shen
11 terms by Shea_Shen

Hobbies and Sports | Chinese Vocabulary

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Chinese Hobbies: Vocabulary

By alex_s_cate
49 terms by alex_s_cate

Chinese Vocabulary : Leisure and Hobbies

By Monkey-Green
25 terms by Monkey-Green

Chinese School Chapter 3.4 [Sports and Hobbies]

By ariel_chu
32 terms by ariel_chu

Chinese 3 Hobbies Vocabulary

By ElliotSadoff
21 terms by ElliotSadoff

Chinese Hobbies Vocabulary

By esh219
24 terms by esh219

hobbies chinese vocabulary

By m5godoy
37 terms by m5godoy

Core Chinese vocabulary for hobbies

By roxy19
13 terms by roxy19

Chinese Cities, School, Hobbies, and Directions Test

By jlwebster1
25 terms by jlwebster1

Chinese Hobby Vocabulary Extra

By soronene
10 terms by soronene

Chinese Hobby Vocabulary

By pranotoe
29 terms by pranotoe

VICTOR - Chinese Vocabulary ~ Hobby

By sylvievitali
12 terms by sylvievitali

Chinese Vocabulary: Hobbies, Dialogue 1

By sl17925
26 terms by sl17925

Chinese Vocabulary ~ School

By lschineseTEACHER
10 terms by lschineseTEACHER

GCSE Chinese Vocabulary List - Hobbies

By bellagiles14
29 terms by bellagiles14

Chinese Vocabulary: School

By Morgan_Parvey
10 terms by Morgan_Parvey

Chinese School Facilities vocabulary

By stacesingTEACHER
20 terms by stacesingTEACHER

Chinese vocabulary hobby sentences 1)

By charlottevs
12 terms by charlottevs

Chinese Vocabulary: School Subjects

By Morgan_Parvey
16 terms by Morgan_Parvey

Chinese School - vocabulary

By MsClarkGuillotelTEACHER
20 terms by MsClarkGuillotelTEACHER

Chinese Vocabulary ~ My school

By sandytse
17 terms by sandytse

Chinese- School Vocabulary

By kaylie_bair
27 terms by kaylie_bair

IGCSE Chinese vocabulary - School life and school routine

By panlaoshiowis
57 terms by panlaoshiowis

Chinese Vocabulary ~ School Facilities

By sandytse
13 terms by sandytse

Chinese Vocabulary ~ School Facilities

By miyanzhang
13 terms by miyanzhang

Chinese Vocabulary ~ My school

By yunhuang
17 terms by yunhuang

school vocabulary (Chinese)

By Tristen_Dodd
17 terms by Tristen_Dodd

school vocabulary (AP Chinese)

By kerriwong
47 terms by kerriwong

Chinese School Final Vocabulary

By SleeTMS
45 terms by SleeTMS

Chinese School Vocabulary (Pinyin)

By josh_but
8 terms by josh_but

Chinese School Vocabulary (Characters)

By josh_but
8 terms by josh_but

IGCSE Chinese vocabulary - School subjects and Chinese language

By panlaoshiowis
40 terms by panlaoshiowis

chinese school vocabulary

By Alexes_Carter
10 terms by Alexes_Carter

Edexcel Chinese Vocabulary School

By shivjoshi
41 terms by shivjoshi

chinese school vocabulary

By cmoore4
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Chinese school vocabulary

By Seandavidbryant
45 terms by Seandavidbryant

Chinese school vocabulary

By jaylanhubbard
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VICTOR - Chinese Vocabulary ~ School

By sylvievitali
10 terms by sylvievitali

Chinese Vocabulary School Objects

By tajiflynn
44 terms by tajiflynn

IGCSE Chinese vocabulary - Places in school

By panlaoshiowis
16 terms by panlaoshiowis

Chinese 2/3 Lesson 6 Hobbies Vocabulary Set

By sijienee
20 terms by sijienee

Chinese IGCSE revision vocabulary Hobby - 爱好

By yuer666TEACHER
21 terms by yuer666TEACHER

Chinese Vocabulary : School Life and School Routine

By Monkey-Green
47 terms by Monkey-Green

Chinese 2/3 Lesson 6 Hobbies Vocabulary Set

By sijienee
20 terms by sijienee

IGCSE Chinese Vocabulary Places in School

By beijingjohn
13 terms by beijingjohn

Edexcel Chinese Vocabulary - School and Subjects

By IvyKurniawan
67 terms by IvyKurniawan