44 terms By stellanorfleet Teacher

Ser, adjectives, subject pronouns

40 terms By shannonmckeighan Teacher

U1e2. The verb SER + Adjectives

20 terms By debodell Teacher

SER Adjectives

18 terms By casadeespanol Teacher

Pronoun+Ser+ Adjective practice

32 terms By SrVanFleet Teacher

SER + Adjectives

27 terms By sopermartha Teacher

3.2 SER adjectives

48 terms By lynnmarie_blackman Teacher

Ser / Adjectives Test

27 terms By SraThornton120 Teacher

SER & Adjectives of QUALITY

29 terms By Hawkinator Teacher

Ser Adjectives

14 terms By johndemler Teacher

SER: Adjectives/Adjetivos

22 terms By roblewis1979 Teacher

S2U2: Colors (Ser Adjectives)

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ser - adjectives

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20 terms By jbaezmora Teacher


25 terms By dtviniard621 Teacher

S2U2 Ser Adjectives with Definitions

25 terms By bstinnett00 Teacher

SER + adjectives

28 terms By Zervas Teacher

bensp1 Ser adjectives: Physical & Personality Traits

61 terms By benitezd Teacher

Ser & adjectives

14 terms By John_Lee77 Teacher

Ser Adjectives

32 terms By LylesEnglish Teacher

8th Grade Review/REPASO of 7th Grade: Part 2: SER + Adjectives

42 terms By sopermartha Teacher

S2 Review: Ser Adjectives

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1.4 SER + Adjectives

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47 terms By Sra_Funk Teacher

Spanish SER Adjectives (characteristics)

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Ser Adjectives

18 terms By samanthaconger

Sentences with SER Adjectives

10 terms By casadeespanol Teacher

bensp1 Ser adjectives: Personality traits

16 terms By benitezd Teacher

Ser Adjectives

18 terms By drakestraw

ser + adjectives

50 terms By anneallisonhall

ser adjectives

33 terms By senoraH

ser adjectives

18 terms By tndakota23

Spanish Ser Adjectives

48 terms By allydlarson

1.3A Ser + Adjectives (permanent)

30 terms By lynnmarie_blackman Teacher

SER adjectives - set 1

46 terms By jhburdette

Ser Adjectives

24 terms By senoritalaurino

Ser Adjectives sra. B

30 terms By gbeardmore

Ser + adjectives

35 terms By MsMulligan Teacher

Ser Adjectives Span 2

38 terms By L_Melvin

Spanish SER Adjectives (characteristics)

38 terms By ccampos Teacher

Ser adjectives

25 terms By ktetley

PAC ser/adjectives

28 terms By acuttrell

SER adjectives

79 terms By allibertbert

Ser Adjectives

18 terms By KendraandBob

"Ser" Adjectives

34 terms By LPappa312

Ser adjectives

18 terms By chrissybee

S1U2: SER adjectives to talk about hair

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Ser adjectives

18 terms By amberlee141

Ser Adjectives

85 terms By macintosh44

Ser adjectives

18 terms By Nancy_Kara