44 terms By stellanorfleet Teacher

U1e2. The verb SER + Adjectives

20 terms By debodell Teacher

SER Adjectives

18 terms By casadeespanol Teacher

SER + Adjectives

27 terms By sopermartha Teacher

Pronoun+Ser+ Adjective practice

32 terms By SrVanFleet Teacher

3.2 SER adjectives

48 terms By lynnmarie_blackman Teacher

Ser / Adjectives Test

27 terms By SraThornton120 Teacher

Ser Adjectives

14 terms By johndemler Teacher

SER & Adjectives of QUALITY

29 terms By Hawkinator Teacher

Ser, adjectives, subject pronouns

40 terms By shannonmckeighan Teacher

S2U2: Colors (Ser Adjectives)

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ser - adjectives

21 terms By mallardpointe Teacher

SER: Adjectives/Adjetivos

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20 terms By jbaezmora Teacher


80 terms By montoyajai Teacher

Ser & Adjective Vocabulary

37 terms By MrCondon Teacher

SER + adjectives

28 terms By Zervas Teacher

Ser & adjectives

14 terms By John_Lee77 Teacher

S2U2 Ser Adjectives with Definitions

25 terms By bstinnett00 Teacher

Ser Adjectives

32 terms By LylesEnglish Teacher

8th Grade Review/REPASO of 7th Grade: Part 2: SER + Adjectives

42 terms By sopermartha Teacher

S2 Review: Ser Adjectives

11 terms By bstinnett00 Teacher

1.4 SER + Adjectives

30 terms By lynnmarie_blackman Teacher

bensp1 Ser adjectives: Physical & Personality Traits

61 terms By benitezd Teacher

Spanish SER Adjectives (characteristics)

29 terms By mirror_eyes

Ser Adjectives

18 terms By samanthaconger

bensp1 Ser adjectives: Personality traits

16 terms By benitezd Teacher

Sentences with SER Adjectives

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Ser Adjectives

18 terms By drakestraw

ser + adjectives

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ser adjectives

33 terms By senoraH

ser adjectives

18 terms By tndakota23

Spanish Ser Adjectives

48 terms By allydlarson

1.3A Ser + Adjectives (permanent)

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SER adjectives - set 1

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Ser Adjectives

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Ser Adjectives sra. B

30 terms By gbeardmore

Ser + adjectives

35 terms By MsMulligan Teacher

Ser Adjectives Span 2

38 terms By L_Melvin

Spanish SER Adjectives (characteristics)

38 terms By ccampos Teacher

Ser adjectives

25 terms By ktetley

PAC ser/adjectives

28 terms By acuttrell

SER adjectives

79 terms By allibertbert

Ser Adjectives

18 terms By KendraandBob

"Ser" Adjectives

34 terms By LPappa312

Ser adjectives

18 terms By chrissybee

Ser adjectives

18 terms By amberlee141

S1U2: SER adjectives to talk about hair

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Ser adjectives

18 terms By Nancy_Kara

Ser Adjectives

41 terms By yonatanz