Short Story Terms

32 terms By mcmichaelsd Teacher

Literary Devices For Short Stories and Novels

31 terms By MsGrimesey Teacher

Short Stories

55 terms By VocCards Teacher

Elements of the Short Story

15 terms By Evansmee Teacher

Short Stories Vocabulary

12 terms By Kate_Bonneau Teacher

Short Story Vocabulary

46 terms By csfehn Teacher

E8 Short Story Vocabulary

57 terms By csfehn Teacher

Short Story unit vocabulary

33 terms By mrsjblakeney Teacher

Short Story Terminology

25 terms By Albert-Kim

OFS G6 Short Story

24 terms By MrsWy Teacher

AEF 2C Incredibly short stories

33 terms By duy_lee

CJHS English 8 Short Story #11-20

10 terms By CJHS_English_8 Teacher

CJHS English 8 Short Story #1-10

10 terms By CJHS_English_8 Teacher

Mr. Goldring's Short Story Terms

51 terms By mrgoldring Teacher

Short Story Vocabulary Final Test

50 terms By mrsjblakeney Teacher

Short Story Unit Vocabulary

20 terms By BCS8 Teacher

CJHS Honors English 8 Short Story #1-10

10 terms By CJHS_English_8 Teacher

9th Grade Short Story Unit

38 terms By pcal7 Teacher

Short Story Literary Elements & Techniques Vocabulary

30 terms By chilldragons1 Teacher

CJHS Honors English 8 Short Story #11-20

10 terms By CJHS_English_8 Teacher

Short stories

22 terms By stanczykj Teacher

Literary Terms Impact Short Stories

44 terms By mspeckham Teacher

short stories

30 terms By lisemari_nygaard Teacher

Short Story Literary Terms

54 terms By mrsjblakeney Teacher

Short Story - The Lottery

8 terms By bmurphy1876 Teacher

The Envelope - short story

11 terms By JenniferNylander Teacher

Short story/novel analysis

15 terms By marie_nielsen Teacher

Short Story Elements

30 terms By Beverly_hughes Teacher

Short Story - Sweet Potato Pie

10 terms By bmurphy1876 Teacher

Analysing a short story

35 terms By Susanne_Goos Teacher

Alice (short story - copies)

30 terms By Takita81 Teacher

Short Story Terminology

41 terms By tchiasson Teacher

Elements of a Short Story

5 terms By ldswann Teacher

VIIth Form Short Story Vocabulary

35 terms By MrHoganEnglish Teacher

Short Story terms

44 terms By MrsDAdams Teacher

Short Stories: Setting, Point of View, & Theme: Setting Elements &Story Titles

31 terms By EnglishStone Teacher

Eng 9 Short Stories Lit Terms I

37 terms By rhshelton Teacher

Short Stories

6 terms By czbrat Teacher

Unit 1: Short Stories

28 terms By MBBruins Teacher

Short Stories - Quarter One

31 terms By romatermini36 Teacher

Short story #5 - Quiere irse de vacaciones

32 terms By lbdallas Teacher

Short Story Literary Devices

23 terms By Lisa_Roberto Teacher

Short Stories: Plot and Character: Selected Vocabulary

40 terms By EnglishStone Teacher

Mr. Dorrian's Class Plot/Short Story Vocabulary

41 terms By briandorrian Teacher

UNIT TEST 1 - Short Story Terms

53 terms By Annie_Hankins Teacher

"Most Dangerous Game" Short Story & Vocabulary Review

35 terms By dedomitl Teacher

Short Story Terms

41 terms By batemans12 Teacher

Short Story Unit

25 terms By skremsen Teacher

Short Story Unit

46 terms By CLK98

Short story #3 Ha perdido a su pato favorito

22 terms By lbdallas Teacher