Upper limb: bones & features (BIO 210)

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Muscle OIAs: shoulders & upper limbs

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Lab 8: Superficial & Deep Neck, Dorsal Shoulder & Upper Limb

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Face, Head, Neck, Chest, Shoulder, Upper Limbs

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Anatomy - Upper Limb Muscles

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Shoulder & Upper Limbs

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Shoulder Upper Limb

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15-47 arteries to the shoulder and upper limb

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Shoulder-Upper limb

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Insertions (neck, shoulder, upper limb)

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Breast, Anterior Shoulder + Upper Limb

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muscles of shoulder/ upper limb

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11-6 Appendicular muscles are muscles of the shoulders, upper limbs, pelvic girdle, and lower limb

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Muscles of upper limb

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Muscle of Shoulders & Upper Limbs

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Lect exam 2 Transection of shoulder upper Limb

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BMS Shoulder/Upper Limb insertions

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Anatomy- Shoulder, Upper Limb Overview

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Muscles of Chest, Shoulder, Upper Limb, Deep Back, and Abdominal Wall!

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Unit 6: Upper Limb and Shoulder Girdle [hand,wrist, forearm bones and joints labeling]

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Shoulder Upper Limb

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Shoulder/Upper Limb Insertions

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Unit 6: Upper Limb and Shoulder Girdle [humerus, scapula & clavicle labeling]

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Muscles of Chest, Shoulder & Upper Limb

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Shoulder/Upper Limb Nerves

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Unit 6: Upper Limb and Shoulder Girdle Film Version [hand, wrist, humerus,scapula, clavicle

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Clinically Important Muscle Insertions - Shoulder/Upper Limb

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LP3 - Muscles of the Chest, Shoulder, and Upper Limb [Lab 21]

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Muscles: Shoulder and Upper Limb

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Anatomy: Bones - Shoulder, Upper Limb, Hip, & Lower Limb

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Chest/shoulder/upper limb: Origin & Insertion

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BMS4-muscle insertions: Shoulder/Upper limb

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Chest/shoulder/upper limb: Actions

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Muscles of the Chest,Shoulder and Upper limb

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Quiz 4 - Pectoral Girdle & Upper Limb, Pelvic Girdle & Lower Limb

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Muscles of the shoulder & upper limb

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Shoulder and Upper Limb

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AP150: BONES of the upper limb, pectoral girdle, and thorax

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chest, shoulder, upper limb muscles

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Anatomy: upper limb muscles, shoulder nerves and blood vessels, and radius/ulna

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Muscles: Chest, Shoulder, Upper Limb

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AP150: BONE AND BONE STRUCTURES of the upper limb, pectoral girdle, and thorax COMBINED

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Upper Limb Muscles 1

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Arteries of the shoulder and upper limb

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Upper Limb and Hand

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Upper Limb muscles. Netter

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Netter Atlas Anatomy Student Consult 5E 44. Upper Limb Shoulder and Axilla

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A&P chest, shoulder, upper limb muscles

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AP150: Bone STRUCTURES of the upper limb, pectoral girdle, and thorax

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Pectoral Girdle and Upper Limb

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