Starbucks Business Chinese for Success (simplified version)

By uwmlrcTEACHER
72 terms by uwmlrcTEACHER

KFC Business Chinese For Success(simplified version)

By uwmlrcTEACHER
97 terms by uwmlrcTEACHER

Simplified Chinese

By Katie_Miller430
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Simplified Chinese

By Jed_Henderschedt
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Chinese simplified

By priskareginald
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Chinese Simplified

By madison91304
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Simplified Chinese

By i_clement04
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chinese simplified

By bracefacenora
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Chinese simplified

By Andreas_Huster
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chinese simplified

By Kevin_Rao
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Chinese, Simplified

By amaryllisrapture
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chinese simplified

By tubagirlsrox
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Integrated Chinese Lesson 10 simplified

By elisejanTEACHER
37 terms by elisejanTEACHER

Integrated Chinese Lesson 17-simplified

By Xiwen_Li6
40 terms by Xiwen_Li6

Chinese- Colors (simplified)

By MrStevensonTEACHER
12 terms by MrStevensonTEACHER

Chinese Position Quiz (Simplified)

By saaschinese2
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By studenttechpro
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Financial Terms/Simplified Chinese

By Debra_Newlin
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By studenttechpro
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Simplifying Chinese

By cassiekcy15
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Numbers and age in Chinese (Simplified)

By lelyevansTEACHER
12 terms by lelyevansTEACHER

Chinese Simplified Numbers

By StephenKingRocks
15 terms by StephenKingRocks

Chinese Pronouns - SIMPLIFIED

9 terms by SCSChineseTEACHER

Chinese L1 Simplified

20 terms by WangLaoshiMVTEACHER

Integrated Chinese L13-Simplified

By Xiwen_Li6
37 terms by Xiwen_Li6

School Supplies in Simplified Chinese

By kattielaoshi
10 terms by kattielaoshi

Integrated Chinese Lesson 9 Simplified

14 terms by YangLaoshi_PWHSTEACHER

Weather (Simplified Chinese & English)

By skyfraction
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Chinese Simplified Colors

By lilygoren20
10 terms by lilygoren20

Chinese - simplified and traditional

By raymondclo
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Integrated Chinese Lesson 9 Simplified

22 terms by PATSY_TAM

Jobs in Simplified Chinese

By GBRdc
18 terms by GBRdc

emotional adjective (simplified Chinese)

By teacher-rita
14 terms by teacher-rita

Ancient Society (Simplified Chinese)

By MeridianSchoolTEACHER
12 terms by MeridianSchoolTEACHER

Success chinese

By Helen-n
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Work Places in Simplified Chinese

By GBRdc
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Chinese Simplified Family Members

By StephenKingRocks
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Chinese Surnames [Simplified]

By yi_wang78
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Simplified Chinese Animals 2

By Rowdyruff_Boys
15 terms by Rowdyruff_Boys

Hobbies in Simplified Chinese

By Carmen_Audrey
12 terms by Carmen_Audrey

Colors - Chinese (Simplified)

By Graham_Schock3
25 terms by Graham_Schock3

Simplified Chinese Subject Terms

By Poppy_polyglot
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Chinese 1010 Lesson 2 Simplified

By LiLaoshi85
9 terms by LiLaoshi85

Chinese 1010 Lesson 9 Simplified

By LiLaoshi85
18 terms by LiLaoshi85

Chinese 1010 Lesson 6 Simplified

By LiLaoshi85
13 terms by LiLaoshi85

Vocabulary in Simplified Chinese

By quizlettemandarin
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Simplified Chinese 21

By uclaboy36
21 terms by uclaboy36

Chinese III AC-Simplified

By nioreo86
104 terms by nioreo86

Numbers in Chinese (Simplified)

By KittyJ123
118 terms by KittyJ123

Chinese Link - Lesson 18(Simplified)

By Lacey_Melco
48 terms by Lacey_Melco