Family Meaning Simplified

By YesMsKo
12 terms by YesMsKo

Pet Pic Meaning Simplified

By YesMsKo
9 terms by YesMsKo

Adj. Meaning Simplified

By YesMsKo
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Shopping Meaning Simplified

By YesMsKo
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Clothing Meaning Simplified

By YesMsKo
19 terms by YesMsKo

Adj. (clothing) Meaning Simplified

By YesMsKo
16 terms by YesMsKo

Head Meaning Simplified

By YesMsKo
9 terms by YesMsKo

Country Meaning Simplified

By YesMsKo
15 terms by YesMsKo

Pet Meaning Simplified

By YesMsKo
20 terms by YesMsKo

Stationery Meaning Simplified

By YesMsKo
16 terms by YesMsKo

Color Meaning Simplified

By YesMsKo
14 terms by YesMsKo

Proverb Quiz - Proverb Meanings (Simplified)

By Cloudbreath9
20 terms by Cloudbreath9

Words and their meanings (sometimes simplified)

By Deaf-Fi
21 terms by Deaf-Fi

1.2 Open for Business - meanings (simplified)

By sandywooh
25 terms by sandywooh

17 Modern Chinese Conversation, simplified, meanings

By Earthman-addy
79 terms by Earthman-addy

Some Basic Chinese Characters and Their Meanings (Simplified)

By SapphireSky7
32 terms by SapphireSky7


By amber_white5
20 terms by amber_white5

Simplified Swahili - 24 Indeclinable Words - 1

By Coatso1941
17 terms by Coatso1941

NR 1_L.36_Simplified

By vanessachiang2015
37 terms by vanessachiang2015

English vocab Unit 2 simplified

By 17arbeng
20 terms by 17arbeng

Anatomy- Chapter one simplified

By tessharmon16
36 terms by tessharmon16

Persuasive Writing Language - Simplified Definitions

By vtoplovich
14 terms by vtoplovich

Academic Test Prep Vocabulary Simplified

By Stacey_WhitlowTEACHER
18 terms by Stacey_WhitlowTEACHER

German personal characteristics simplified

By ajarman3
23 terms by ajarman3

Chinese Made Easy Lesson 14- Simplified

By brendanpoontheturtle
28 terms by brendanpoontheturtle

THEO500 Migliore Ch. 8 & 9 (simplified)

By pldiaz
21 terms by pldiaz

HSK 2 Simplified

By caricook
153 terms by caricook

Simplified Keystone Biology Vocabulary

By largescience
159 terms by largescience

Research - Language Simplified

By vtoplovich
14 terms by vtoplovich

Medical Terminology Simplified Chapter 10 Musculoskeletal System

By adrii_ro
53 terms by adrii_ro

S3 GE: Suffixes (vbs from n/adj) & their meanings

By racowlerTEACHER
30 terms by racowlerTEACHER

Simplified English Vocab

By ikuto-tsukiyomi
25 terms by ikuto-tsukiyomi

command terms simplified

By mdale0909
15 terms by mdale0909

The Black Cat Vocabulary Simplified

By Melinda_Buchanan
27 terms by Melinda_Buchanan

Medical Terminology simplified prefixes

By marciat0109
38 terms by marciat0109

quizlet L5 simplified

By xiwenlu
38 terms by xiwenlu

Medical Terminology Simplified chapter 2

By marciat0109
105 terms by marciat0109


By Michael_Edmond
13 terms by Michael_Edmond

Chaoyue Chp 6 : College & community service: Game Set Simplified

By ylee02TEACHER
52 terms by ylee02TEACHER

Medical Terminology Simplified chapter 2

By christy_palla
105 terms by christy_palla


13 terms by YindaYinTEACHER

CHIN3242 Lesson 32 Simplified

By DaveLLC3
15 terms by DaveLLC3

ESC3 L7 simplified (no pinyin)

20 terms by SASCHINESE

Simplified English Vocab III

By ikuto-tsukiyomi
23 terms by ikuto-tsukiyomi

Art Appreciation

By Amirault
10 terms by Amirault


By Jessica_Poole3
13 terms by Jessica_Poole3

AP Human Geography Key Terms Ch. 10 simplified

By Rachel_Williams3
39 terms by Rachel_Williams3