Singular/Plural Nouns? * Different endings; -s, -es, -ies, -ves.

66 terms By Jonas_Petersen10 Teacher

Wheelock's Latin Chapter 2 1st Declension, 'Singular & Plural' Nouns & Adject…

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Wheelock's Latin Chapter 3 2nd Declension, 'Singular & Plural' Nouns & Adject…

12 terms By GermanPolarBear

Singular and Plural Nouns

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Singular/Plural Nouns with Pictures Grade 3

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Singular/Plural Nouns? * Different endings; -s, -es, -ies, -ves.

66 terms By tskern Teacher

Sp 1, 1.2 Noun-Adjective agreement

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Chapter 1 - singular/plural noun practice

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Singular or plural nouns? VUC Syd Sønderborg, Soomi Lunau

20 terms By Soomi_Lunau Teacher

Singular and Plural nouns

33 terms By MsJasper Teacher

Singular/Plural Noun Rules

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English in Action: Unit 2 Grammar- Singular and Plural Nouns

20 terms By Waleska_Mendoza2015 Teacher

singular/plural practice

34 terms By SrVanFleet Teacher

Plural nouns

96 terms By EveKells

Ecce Ch. 1-2 Vocabulary: Singular & Plural Nouns

10 terms By MagisterUCDS Teacher

Singular and Plural Nouns

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German Made Simple (singular/plural nouns)

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Spanish Test on Adjective Vocabulary, Adjective Rules, Definite and Indefinite Articles, and Singula…

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Singular/Plural Nouns? * Different endings; -s, -es, -ies

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Singular & Plural Nouns 1

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Gaca Singular/Plural Nouns

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Plural Nouns 2

25 terms By lwecker2 Teacher

F6.1 Plural Nouns - Group 1 15F2

25 terms By VanWagnerL Teacher

WS17 Singular and Plural Nouns

66 terms By Brian_Carhart Teacher

EAGO - Singular/Plural Nouns

76 terms By DominikWalther

singular/plural noun sort

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F6.1 Plural Nouns - Group 4 15F2

16 terms By VanWagnerL Teacher

2nd Grade Singular and Plural Nouns with s, es, ies, and irregular

30 terms By LoriAnnMartin Teacher

Singular and Plural Nouns--Turtle's Race with Beaver

12 terms By LoriAnnMartin Teacher

singular & plural nouns List 1

36 terms By crosbyelem

NOUNS: Sustantivos (G-V) singular/plural: definite /indefinite articles

56 terms By sharen-bermudez Teacher

Lektion 2 Teil 1 die Familie Singular & Plural Nouns Deutsche Welle Deutsch Interactiv A1.1

27 terms By dstonebrink Teacher

F6.1 Plural Nouns - Group 5 15F2

21 terms By VanWagnerL Teacher

F6.1 Plural Nouns - Group 2 15F2

20 terms By VanWagnerL Teacher

Plural Nouns- Irregular & Tricky Ones

83 terms By tancjj Teacher

Singular & Plural nouns

10 terms By Mallory_Sims1

ELD 2 Plural Nouns

89 terms By MmeKaiser Teacher

singular to plural, noun , adjective, diminutive medical terms

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F6.1 Plural Nouns - Group 3 15F2

17 terms By VanWagnerL Teacher

Common Irregular Singular/Plural Nouns

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BH/BA pr suffix on singular/ plural nouns

58 terms By nathanaeljames

Stage 5- Singular to Plural Nouns

21 terms By celiackelly Teacher

Singular and Plural Nouns

4 terms By katalingy Teacher

Singular and Plural Nouns

19 terms By LianaW Teacher

Lesson 2 - Ivrit Min... (aleph) - singular > plural

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Female/male & singular/plural nouns' list.

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