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Sortie - entrée - stockage

13 terms By MmeNeumann Teacher

Les sorties

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TV2 06 Sorties en ville

112 terms By Madame_Rawnsley Teacher

Les sorties - Going out

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Les sorties - Module 1 - Studio 3 Rouge

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141127 4hW discussion 2 (La sortie du nucléaire)

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les sorties, copains, les boums + les invitations!

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Les sorties

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5.2 Les sorties

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E2 M2 Tu es sorti(e)

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sortie de classe!

140 terms By MadameSilverman Teacher

Tu-es sorti samedi? Mon week-end/ Les expressions de temps

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Sorties en ville vocabularly

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Les Sorties

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Les sorties

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Sorties en ville - les adjectifs

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Sorties en ville - les verbes

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Unité 8: Mes Sorties

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Sorties en ville - noms masculins 3

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sorties en ville - noms féminins 1

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Sorties en ville - noms masculins 1

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Sorties en ville - noms masculins 2

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Module 3 Les Sorties

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sortir - to go out (past participle: sorti)

6 terms By Susan_Reiss Teacher

UWM French 103 Contacts Unité 5 - Vocabulaire : Les vacances et les sortis

15 terms By uwmlrc Teacher

Les Sorties Au Passé-Composé / Going Out In The Perfect Tense (Past Tense)

24 terms By MmeGene Teacher

Sorties en ville - les adverbes et les expressions

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Expo 2 "Les sorties"

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Sorties en ville - noms féminins 2

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Sortie en ville

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Sortir PP - Sorti, sortie, sorties

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AE-I/3/3-Proposer une sortie

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Planifier/Faire des projets et proposer une sortie

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Tu es sorti(e) samedi ( did you go out last Saturday)

13 terms By Ms_Robert_French Teacher

Les sorties 8y2 Fr

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Les sorties

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Une sortie

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Tu es sorti(e) samedi?

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expo2 vert les sorties

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expo 2 rouge module 2 opinions and tu es sorti?

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french vocab-Les sorties

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Basic Sortie

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A Moi Paris - Sortie au Cinéma

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les weekend et les sorties

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Year 9 Studio 3 Rouge AutT1 Les sorties

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Les sorties Studio 3R Module 1

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