Duolinguo Spanish 1: Basics & Food

20 terms By andy_davey8 Teacher

Spanish 1 Basic Food Practice & Numbers

73 terms By Bristi24k

Level 1 Basic Food Further

9 terms By WangLaoshi-UCLA Teacher

Verbs - Present Tense (Basics 1, Phrases, Phrases 2, Basics 2 and Food)

90 terms By pbrinkley71 Teacher

Level 1 Basic Food Core

6 terms By WangLaoshi-UCLA Teacher

Basic Food 2 (Sp. 1)

33 terms By LlewellynLaurel Teacher

Basic Food Groups

10 terms By YCF2014 Teacher

Basic Foods to Know

28 terms By ovarkonyi Teacher

SRA GRAY - food vocab review/practice

42 terms By lgrayfpd Teacher

Spanish Duolingo Basics: Food Lesson 1

14 terms By robertberrios Teacher

Basic Food

42 terms By JDD-Rus Teacher

20 Basic Food Terms, Chapter 4

20 terms By cagoras Teacher

Spanish Food Vocab

30 terms By GraciousFried


88 terms By lazowski Teacher

Basic Food

41 terms By ShazerGreen

Basic Foods

29 terms By kaseylane1 Teacher

ESP 2 - U1E2 - basic food

28 terms By dlincoln Teacher

German: Basic foods

16 terms By eljaytee

Basic Spanish Foods, Fruits, Vegetables & Utensils (with Pictures)

41 terms By volleyballsunshine1

basic food expressions

36 terms By senorfabuloso Teacher

Basic Food

12 terms By sully_sensei Teacher

Basic Food & Drinks-01

20 terms By robcarrot Teacher

Alapvető élelmiszerek / Basic food

27 terms By tserep

Basic foods vocab. 1

51 terms By charlemosCFHS Teacher

Spanish Duolingo Basics: Food Lesson 2

15 terms By robertberrios Teacher

Basic Food Items

10 terms By SLSAzerbaijani Teacher

Basic Food Safety & Sanitation

23 terms By amysout

basic foods

16 terms By kyla_eloi

Basic Foods

49 terms By laurenehines Teacher

Basic food and liquids

40 terms By GreyRav3n

Basic - food

11 terms By dana54311

Ch2 Food - Set 1 Basic

15 terms By AiLiya Teacher

Spanish basic food and drink

21 terms By Julia_Graves Teacher

Spanish Basic foods vocab

44 terms By laisiliii

Vocab 9-1: Basic Foods

51 terms By Profe_Peterson

French: Basic foods

20 terms By eljaytee

Italian - Basic Foods

26 terms By jefflesrocks123

Vocabulary - Basic Food A01

20 terms By iunder

Basic Foods: Kitchen Equipment

60 terms By c0528terrill

Spanish Vocab: Basic Foods

55 terms By corisnyder

7 basic food

9 terms By lindapxp Teacher

basic food terms

5 terms By genegreer89

basic foods

107 terms By kpgmry

Basic Food Spanish 1

53 terms By clemjtown

Basic Food

9 terms By Dupppishgirl

Basic Foods Kitchen Equipment

60 terms By anna_joseph6

Basic food

13 terms By ainhoa_basarrate

Basic Foods Vocab.

29 terms By c0528terrill

Basic Foods

38 terms By ckinney17

basic food

36 terms By petpeeves117