Spanish 1 All Forms of Estar

By Caitlin_Owens2
10 terms by Caitlin_Owens2

Spanish 1 Seis Emotions and Estar

By catherinem4382
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Spanish 2A - Unit 1 - Estar conjugations (2)

By srakeithTEACHER
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By harri612
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Spanish 1: Estar Verb and Prepositions

By SusieMitchell
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Spanish Vocabulary Los Estados Emocionales (estar)

By Bethany_Baratelli
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Ser and Estar Vocabulary Spanish III

By stevenfedorovich
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Spanish 3 - Ser and Estar Vocabulary

By Hannah_Wells_CGHS
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Spanish Grammar 1 (ser and estar)

By marinahx
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Spanish 1~DGergi~EStar and Ser

By Daniela_Gergi
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Spanish vocabulary words for ser and estar

By johnnyboy406
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Ser and Estar Vocabulary Spanish III

By jenna_page
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Chapter 2B_ESTAR_Prepositions_Sra. Despain_Spanish 1

By cfdespain
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ser/ estar spanish 1 barrington

By willmast7
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Spanish 1-Chapter 8- Ser vs. Estar

By LuciaAlanis
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Spanish 1 Ser vs. Estar Sentence Practice

By FeikemaSpanish
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Spanish Quiz: Estar vocab 1

By Lenore_Famosi
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Spanish 1B vocabulary for Estar-to be

By faith_marshall1
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Spanish Level 1 Week 3 Estar

By anapgb1
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Spanish 2A - Unit 1 - Ser/Estar Usage

By srakeithTEACHER
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LPA Spanish 1 Chapter 2 Estar Conjugations

By TepigStyles498
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Spanish 1- Verbs (Estar, Ser)

By amber__andrews
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Spanish 1: Unit 2; Estar

By dannirdv
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Spanish "estar" quiz pt. 1

By johny_sherm_2000
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Spanish Estar Adjectives part 1

By ej2412
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Spanish 1 ser vs. estar

By Stephanie_Berard
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Spanish 1 Final (Estar + Llamar)

By musique0
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Spanish 1 ser estar tener vocab

By CLDelgado
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Spanish 1 2.2 GRAMMAR estar+ir

By Carter3063737
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Spanish 2A - Unit 1 - Ser/Estar Usage (1)

By srakeithTEACHER
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Spanish 1, Lesson 8 - Ser/Estar Practice

By ainami
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Spanish 1 -ir, -dar, -estar

By Katelynn_Kelly
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Test: Spanish 1 - ser and estar

By LanaLovesDenver1960
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Spanish 1, Lesson 8 - Ser/Estar Practice

By Elizabeth_DelahozTEACHER
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Estar quiz prepositions (Spanish 1)

16 terms by EMILYGB19

Spanish 3 Vocabulary for Ser & Estar Test

By JudithFowler
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Spanish 1 Tener, Ser, and Estar

By Emmanuel_Ibajesomo
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Spanish 1: prepositions, estar, feelings, location

By gracemitchell2018
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Spanish1 Finals: Estar with conditions and emotions

By mbriggs8
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Spanish 40, Unidad 1: ser vs. estar

By sradunphyTEACHER
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Spanish 1 Honors Ser & Estar

By rdevitohurley
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Spanish 1, Unit 2: Estar Words

By roppolobriannae
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JHS Spanish I 5.1 Vocab and Ser vs. Estar

By rxk2jc
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Spanish 2 : 5.3 Estar and Ser Vocabulary

By peiter10
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Spanish 1 Chapter 5 (estar emotions)

By sg95018010
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Spanish Unit 1 Ser/Estar

By amandamtran
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spanish 1 - sentimientos con el verbo ESTAR

By sranovotny
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Spanish: Unit 1 Ser vs. Estar

By jdyaffe
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Spanish Ser and Estar 1/22

By anesselhauf
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RHS Spanish II - 5.1 SER vs. ESTAR

By rhsksmith
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