Irregular Preterite Practice

68 terms By stepheniesprouse TEACHER

Spanish 4 Honors Irregular Preterit Verbs

25 terms By jpetrizzi425 TEACHER

Irregular Preterite Practice

57 terms By senoritaroyce TEACHER

Spanish 4: pretérito irregular

21 terms By maestragloss TEACHER

Spanish 4- Subjective irregulars

36 terms By aquastarrkixx

Spanish 4, Chapter 7, Verbos irregulares

12 terms By SraBollinger TEACHER

Irregular yo verbs - Present Test

31 terms By maggienance TEACHER

Span. 4 - Common irregular present tense verbs

42 terms By sarahannbentley TEACHER

Spanish 4, Chapter 4, irregular past participles

10 terms By SraBollinger TEACHER

Irregular Past Participles

17 terms By eblanchflower TEACHER

Spanish 4- Subjective irregulars

36 terms By aquastarrkixx

French 4 Irregular Past Participles

24 terms By svanronsele TEACHER

Spanish 4: Irregular Preterit Verbs

79 terms By maestragloss TEACHER

Irregular Preterit Verbs (Chpt 4)

22 terms By Senora_Enright TEACHER

Spanish 4: Irregular Verbs

55 terms By Bullseye075

Chapter 4 Vocab: Irregular Yo

8 terms By Natalia_Sonia

El participio pasado: los irregulares

16 terms By kiwi_kenny

verbos irregulares en el presente

7 terms By lgordon22 TEACHER

Stem-changers with irregular yo - Present Test

6 terms By maggienance TEACHER

NAHS 4: Spanish Regular and Irregular Past Participles

35 terms By Melissa_Badger TEACHER

Spanish 4 Present Tense Irregular Verbs

93 terms By clarissa_66

IB Spanish 4, Irregular Subjunctives

17 terms By ordonezalex

EPG Spanish 4 Irregular Present Verbs

31 terms By samuelsteiner98

Spanish 4-irregulars

12 terms By aquastarrkixx

Spanish 4 Preterite Irregular Vocab

32 terms By lkay03254

Spanish 4 Irregular Present Tense Verbs

54 terms By highschooler16

Spanish 4: Irregular "Yo" Form Verbs

38 terms By greta_w15

Spanish 4 Irregular Preterit Verbs

73 terms By senorfields TEACHER

Spanish 4 irregular verbs

54 terms By Kimberlydesouza

EPG Spanish 4 Preterite Irregular Verbs

21 terms By samuelsteiner98

Spanish 4- Irregular Present Verbs

54 terms By jessicanunn

Spanish 4: Irregular Verb Conjugations

40 terms By Megan_Melohn

Spanish 4 Irregular Verbs

102 terms By sonalipatel_

Hoese-Spanish IV-4-Irregular preterites

45 terms By roxannehoese