Spanish 4 Verbos esenciales: Stem Change and Irregular

75 terms By DoctoraMcNab

Spanish 4: Irregular Preterite Practice

58 terms By orichards Teacher

Irregular yo verbs - Present Test

31 terms By maggienance Teacher

Span. 4 - Common irregular present tense verbs

42 terms By sarahannbentley Teacher

Irregular Preterite Practice

68 terms By senoritaroyce Teacher

Companeros Unit 3 Lesson 4 Vocab--Irregular Past Participles

18 terms By andrewrphillips

Irregular Past Participles

17 terms By eblanchflower Teacher

Preterite Irregulars

79 terms By rbough Teacher

Irregular future tense in spanish Part 2

12 terms By taraj09 Teacher

Preterite irregulars

18 terms By sbrenes Teacher

Irregular Preterit Verbs (Chpt 4)

22 terms By Senora_Enright Teacher

Spanish 4: Irregular Preterit Verbs

79 terms By maestragloss Teacher

Descubre 1 Lesson 4 Vocab: verbs with irregular yo forms

25 terms By mwfite Teacher

Unit 5 Irregular (tú) commands

16 terms By gilbert-newtonj Teacher

presente del subjuntivo (irregulares)

48 terms By sbrenes Teacher

Spanish 4: pretérito irregular

21 terms By maestragloss Teacher

Spanish 4, Chapter 7, Verbos irregulares

12 terms By SraBollinger Teacher

chapter 4 vocab- Irregular and stem-changing verb conjugations

8 terms By zaire_dupont

IB Spanish 4, Irregular Subjunctives

17 terms By ordonezalex

Unidad 1 Irregular yo forms - Present Tense

38 terms By gilbert-newtonj Teacher

Spanish 4 [Irregular Present Tense Verbs]

21 terms By simalie

Spanish 4-5 definition of verbs with irregular yo forms

45 terms By lbrundage

Spanish 4- Subjective irregulars

36 terms By aquastarrkixx

Imagina Lesson 1 Present Tense Irregular Yo Forms

33 terms By jturnera

Irregular Preterite Practice

68 terms By Sratjbrown

Spanish 4- Subjective irregulars

36 terms By aquastarrkixx

Spanish 4: Irregular Verbs

55 terms By Bullseye075

Spanish 4-irregulars

12 terms By aquastarrkixx

Stem-changers with irregular yo - Present Test

6 terms By maggienance Teacher

Irregular Verbs - Present Test

3 terms By maggienance Teacher

Spanish 4 [Irregular Future/Conditional/Participles]

33 terms By simalie

Unit 5 Irregular formal commands

12 terms By gilbert-newtonj Teacher

Unit 1: Irregular Preterite Practice

58 terms By mmeyer33

Spanish 4 Irregular Verbs

102 terms By sonalipatel_

Spanish 4 Chapter 2 The Imperfect Tense (Regular and Irregular Verbs)

45 terms By sokoloffmona

Spanish Ch 4 Vocab (doesn't include irregular comparative forms)

58 terms By Katherine_Tormey

spanish 4 verbs/irregulars

95 terms By Ajdublin97

Irregular Preterite Practice

68 terms By kuneshw

Spanish Vocab Irregular Infinitives (3/4)

20 terms By wstefan20

Spanish 4-5 - irregular yo forms

46 terms By lbrundage

French 4 Irregular Past Participles

24 terms By svanronsele Teacher

Chapter 9, Spanish 4, Irregular commands (familiar-tú)

8 terms By SraBollinger Teacher

Spanish Irregular Verb Conjugation - Preterite

42 terms By lj_barber Teacher

verbos irregulares en el presente

7 terms By lgordon22 Teacher

Irregular Verbs Present Tense

25 terms By sramckinney

EPG Spanish 4 Irregular Present Verbs

31 terms By samuelsteiner98

Ch 4 vocab irregular verb eo and compounds

9 terms By SilasWuerth15

Present Subjunctive Regular & Irregular- Yo/él forms

28 terms By msmurdoch

NAHS 4: Spanish Regular and Irregular Past Participles

35 terms By Melissa_Badger Teacher

Spanish 4 Irregular Preterit Verbs

73 terms By amanitamuscaria