Spanish 4 Vocab: El Presente

36 terms By skaylor

Subjuntivo - presente (verbos comunes)

31 terms By sbrenes Teacher

S4C2 El presente del SUBJUNTIVO

22 terms By SouthChristian Teacher

Spanish 4 Present verbs

55 terms By MakenzieS

Spanish 4 Vocab: verbs in the present tense

23 terms By ChloeValentic3

Span. 4 - Common irregular present tense verbs

42 terms By sarahannbentley Teacher

Irregular yo verbs - Present Test

31 terms By maggienance Teacher

Unidad 1 Stem changers - Present Tense

40 terms By gilbert-newtonj Teacher

U8 Present perfect subjunctive

21 terms By gilbert-newtonj Teacher

U6 Present Subjunctive

37 terms By gilbert-newtonj Teacher

Español 4 vocab present tense

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Spanish 4 present tense vocab

41 terms By brittlauren099

Spanish 4 Present Vocab

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AMSCO L1, L2, L3 Present Tense Verbs Fortuña

173 terms By PriscillaChung

Spanish 4 Chapter 4 Present Perfect

25 terms By sokoloffmona

Present Vocab Quiz-Spanish 4

47 terms By kellyerickson

Stem-changers with irregular yo - Present Test

6 terms By maggienance Teacher

Irregular Verbs - Present Test

3 terms By maggienance Teacher

JOHNSON- Spanish 4- present subjunctive

126 terms By SraJohnsonCCS Teacher

Unidad 1 Irregular yo forms - Present Tense

38 terms By gilbert-newtonj Teacher

Spanish 4 present tense verbs

180 terms By jasyemorrison

Spanish 4 Present Progressive

45 terms By 14jactra

Spanish 4 Presentation Script

45 terms By caseag12

Spanish 4 Present Vocab Quiz

57 terms By Dan_Tiggs

verbos irregulares en el presente

7 terms By lgordon22 Teacher

Irregular Verbs Present Tense

25 terms By sramckinney

PRESENT PERFECT ( Presente Perfecto)

41 terms By jedinamarca

Presentation Test Spanish 4

58 terms By Daiseysue

Present tense verb list spanish 4/5

50 terms By Schuyler48

AP Spanish 4/5: Verbos al Presente

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