HS C.4 - AR conjugations and the verb IR

64 terms By Sra_Balsama Teacher

Conjugation of AR -ER and IR verbs Present Tense

17 terms By Sandra_Plager1 Teacher

AR/ER/IR Verbs

36 terms By SraFite Teacher

Capasso Present Tense (REGULAR ar,er,ir verbs)

26 terms By robisonc Teacher

Spanish -AR- ER- IR verbs

28 terms By mslamedina619 Teacher

Regular -Ar, -Er, and -Ir Verbs- Verbos Ar, Er, Ir regulares

20 terms By SraAcosta Teacher

Spanish -AR verb endings in the present tense

5 terms By jlewisespanol Teacher

2015 Spanish I AR ER IR verb conjugations

80 terms By Troutman-Spanish Teacher

-ar,-er,-ir verb conjugations

63 terms By lisaraekraus Teacher

AR, ER, IR verb conjugation

56 terms By lmrose Teacher

Practive verb conjugations for -ar, -er, and -ir verbs

31 terms By eblath Teacher

Verb Conjugations - Ar, Er, and Ir Verbs

21 terms By vankraus Teacher

Regular -AR, -ER, -IR Verb Conjugations

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a156 ER/IR Verbs Handout

55 terms By sraschneller Teacher

Spanish I AR, ER, and IR Verbs

67 terms By latin38704 Teacher

Combo with "-AR conjugations (present tense)" and 3 others

56 terms By SraJW Teacher

ER & IR Verbs - Spanish 1

21 terms By SenorMontalvo Teacher

conjugations of "ar, er & ir" verbs and their endings. Match the subject with the endiā€¦

15 terms By juanpedroreyna Teacher

Regular Present Tense -ar / -er / -ir Verbs

61 terms By tnovakEA Teacher

ER & IR Verbs in Context - Spanish 1

10 terms By SenorMontalvo Teacher

-IR Verb Conjugation

6 terms By weimaraner

Spanish 1 -ER & -IR Verb Conjugations Practice

15 terms By taylorrutter Teacher

present tense of regular er/ir verbs

18 terms By kreitzbk Teacher

Conjugation: Present Tense -ER & -IR Verbs

18 terms By Sra_Funk Teacher

Spanish -er/-ir verbs conjugated

96 terms By LWFernandez Teacher

Spanish -ar verbs, conjugations

12 terms By LWFernandez Teacher

Regular Present Tense -AR,-ER & -IR Verbs

21 terms By SraPrischak Teacher

-er/-ir verb conjugations

20 terms By llittle Teacher

E111 March 11 quiz Spanish Two; the preterite tense of -ar, -er, -ir verbs and hacer and ir

46 terms By fgoff Teacher

Combo with AR, ER, +IR verb conjugation (present tense)

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present tense of regular er/ir verbs

24 terms By eslossberg Teacher

Conjugated -ar, -er, and -ir verbs

20 terms By rbjohnson52 Teacher

Mixed AR-ER-IR verb conjugation practice

25 terms By Senora_Lundgren Teacher

Spanish AR,ER,and IR VERBS: Fill in the blank

36 terms By kgerman Teacher

ar, er and ir verb conjugation

49 terms By iamgordon101

Spanish -ir verb conjugation

12 terms By LWFernandez Teacher


40 terms By dchaney Teacher

Spanish -ar Verbs with Pics, + 5 conjugation cards

37 terms By hillarytee Teacher

Conjugating -ar/-er/-ir Verbs

20 terms By juliweye Teacher

Regular -ar, -er, -ir Verbs Conjugation Practice

36 terms By phelpsMC Teacher

Conjugating -ar, -er, -ir verbs

13 terms By sramihalyi Teacher

Spanish -AR- ER- IR verbs

28 terms By Karla332 Teacher

Unidad 1 - Regular AR / ER / IR verbs

30 terms By gilbert-newtonj Teacher

a156 er/ir verbs w/pics

54 terms By sraschneller Teacher

Present Tense (ar,er,ir verbs)

18 terms By spanishclassfull Teacher

Regular Ar, Er, Ir Verbs

47 terms By tcrowe98 Teacher

Sp 2 PE Conjugations of -ar, -er & -ir verbs

20 terms By ddesrochers Teacher

Exam--Spanish -IR Verb Conjugation

6 terms By Johnsonaha Teacher

Unit 1 Test - Spanish -AR- ER- IR verbs

24 terms By SenoraSmithR2 Teacher

Spanish, AR, ER and IR Verbs Conjugation

67 terms By kgerman Teacher