Regular Present Tense -AR verbs (all from chapter)

30 terms By sharen-bermudez Teacher

Spanish Regular -AR Verbs

30 terms By gillisg Teacher

Regular AR Verb Conjugation

28 terms By SenoraRappold Teacher

Spanish Regular Present Tense -ar Verb Practice

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bensp2 Regular AR verbs vocab.#2

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bensp2 Regular Ar verbs vocab. #1

22 terms By benitezd Teacher

Regular Present Tense -ar / -er / -ir Verbs

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Avancemos1 U2L1: PRESENT -AR verbs

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Practice of -ar Verb Conjugation

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regular -ar verbs

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Regular AR verbs

57 terms By SraFite Teacher

Spanish 1 Regular -ar verbs

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P-8-Los verbos (ar) Verbs in Spanish that end in ar.

22 terms By LuzSarmiento Teacher

Spanish 1: Regular AR Verb Conjugation

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Practice of -ar Verb Conjugation

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Los verbos (ar) Verbs in Spanish that end in ar.

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Conjugation of -AR verbs 2 (examples)

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Practice of -ar Verb Conjugation

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Present Tense Regular -AR Verb Conjugations

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AR Verbs - Present Tense

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E111 chapter 3: regular -ar verbs in the present tense

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Spanish 1 - Regular -AR Verb List

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Spanish 2 - Present Tense Regular AR Verbs

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Regular Present Tense -AR,-ER & -IR Verbs

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Spanish 1 verb review regular -ar verb

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Spanish 1 Voc. 8 (Persent Tense ar verbs)

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ESP 7 - Common Spanish AR verbs (Regular)

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Regular AR Verb Conjugation

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Present Tense Regular "-ar" verbs

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36 terms By kd_ncali4nia

Review: Regular Present Tense conjugation

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Regular -ar Verb Conjugation in present tense + correct Subject Pronouns

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Verbos -ar regulares presente

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-ar Verbs / Present Tense

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Spanish 1A - Chapter 2AB: -AR Verb Conjugations

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AR verbs (regular, present tense)

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Present Tense of -AR Verbs

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21-Spanish: Second List Verbs - Regular -ar ending verbs - Present Tense - elkwv

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Keever Review AR Verbs: Regular, Present Tense

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Regular Present Tense -AR verbs (all from chapter)

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Present Tense -AR Verbs Infinitves

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-ar verbs regular present tense

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Chapter 2.1-Present Tense of -ar Verbs (VISTAS 10/29/15)

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Chapter 2: Regular -ar verbs & Ser/Estar (Adelante)

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Avancemos 1 2.1.2 Regular -AR Verb Conjugations

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Sept 10/11: Regular -ar Verbs Present Tense

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Vocabulary - Some Regular Present Tense Spanish Verbs

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AR Verbs

40 terms By William_Douglass3 Teacher

U6 French Verbs - Regular Present -IR Verbs

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Regular Present Tense -AR verbs

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