List Thirty Seven (Unit 8 list 1): Talking About Clothing

51 terms By Srkennedy Teacher

7A - Talk about clothing

23 terms By lbisurfer3 Teacher

talk about shopping

41 terms By laughinglizzie

Spanish 2 Unit 2.1 Talking about people's clothes and accessories

74 terms By maestrocasillas Teacher

To talk about getting ready

50 terms By mzlearner

Spanish Vocab; Colors, Describe Clothing, Talk About Shopping

34 terms By higg707

Talk about shopping and Clothing

30 terms By sopermartha Teacher

Spanish: Unidad 3 Lecion 1; Describing Clothing, Talking About Shopping & other i->ie stem ch…

49 terms By christine-bessant

A1 4.1 Talk About Shopping and Describe Clothing

54 terms By mslim Teacher

Describe clothes, talk about stores

13 terms By aguyman

Capitulo 2B: Talking About Clothes & Other Useful Words/Expressions

28 terms By cconvertino Teacher

German 1: Talking about clothes

20 terms By Ursulahn Teacher

Realidades 7A - talk about clothing

22 terms By sracollier Teacher

EVO 11 Talking about clothes

9 terms By duy_lee

Talk about fires

19 terms By pmageau Teacher

To Talk About Clothing

18 terms By Yoshi2012

Spanish 1: Unit 2 Talking about your likes and dislikes

56 terms By maestrocasillas Teacher

To talk about driving

49 terms By mzlearner

List Thirty Five (Unit 7 list 2): Talking About How People Feel

32 terms By Srkennedy Teacher

List Thirty Four (Unit 7 list One): Talking About Daily Routines and Staying Fit and Healthy

48 terms By Srkennedy Teacher

Spanish 3-Describe a Camping Trip/Talk About What You Did With Friends/Talk About Nature/Other Words…

55 terms By Jennifer_Moreno7 Teacher

CHS 1 To talk about activities Hablar de los activities

42 terms By ProfesoraTurner Teacher

Talking about clothing

12 terms By MVUFrench Teacher

Identifying Clothing, Talking about after school activities, Talking about shopping

23 terms By bobbisteines

Unidad 8: to talk about clothing

29 terms By SpanishTeacherRFMS Teacher

Talking about shopping for clothes

25 terms By HerrSherry Teacher

To talk about meals - Spanish 1

53 terms By JeffreyLegg Teacher

To talk about clothing

18 terms By srd6802

L1 7A to talk about clothing

26 terms By mccarli Teacher

Spanish 2 Unit 1: Classroom questions and talking about yourself

40 terms By maestrocasillas Teacher

7A. To talk about clothing

29 terms By SenorFerrara Teacher

Talking About Languages

9 terms By Srkennedy Teacher

verbs to talk about clothing and shopping

50 terms By Alice_Bullard Teacher

Spanish 5B.2 to talk about food and eating out

41 terms By Frau_DeVries Teacher

Realidades 7A (To talk about shopping, to talk about clothing, numbers 1-100)

33 terms By marieG32

To talk about the classroom

36 terms By mzlearner

Spanish 1: talking about likes

82 terms By tbierasinski Teacher

Talking about movies & TV

52 terms By amirob Teacher

To Talk About Clothing...

21 terms By mkerber86 Teacher

Spanish notes: to talk about clothing

58 terms By jianna

Unidad 2- talk about classes

8 terms By SpanishTeacherRFMS Teacher

1A To talk about activities

21 terms By senoritakobler Teacher

To talk about colors and to describe what clothing is made of- 2B

12 terms By plechya Teacher

Talking about getting ready

29 terms By rlewisa1 Teacher


26 terms By jladino Teacher

Vocabulario 7A (to talk about clothing)

22 terms By ryan_hinlo

German: Accessories and talking about Clothing

17 terms By Frau_DeVries Teacher

List Sixteen (Unit 3 List 3): Talking About Everyday Activities

25 terms By Srkennedy Teacher

Talk About Shopping, Describe Clothing, and Colors

35 terms By SalmaS1234

Spanish 3 - 5A To talk about fires

22 terms By adelavega Teacher