Verbs English - Spanish List 3

By juliana_carter
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Spanish 3 verbs English and Spanish

By jakob_tustin
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Verbs English to Spanish

44 terms by Sra_MikiTEACHER

Phrasal Verbs (English - Spanish)

By Glenn_SpechtTEACHER
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English 3 - Past verbs

By conchifm
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Infinitive verbs Spanish - English

By SraFuentes2TEACHER
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English Verbs 3

By stoluteacher
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1.3 -er / -ir verbs (English to Spanish)

By Sara_Sadowski
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Stem-changing verb conjugations with English Definitions- Spanish 3

By shannonmckeighanTEACHER
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Irregular Verbs (Spanish-English)

By Bonny_Smith
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IRREGULAR VERBS (Spanish and English) 3/14/16

By Laureiro
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3.1 verbs: English & pics

By Kblas2015TEACHER
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Verb to be Spanish English

By frank8712
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Capítulo 3 verbs (english to spanish)

By dboyce5
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Common Verbs in English & Spanish

By meghan_muir
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Common English Verbs 3

By trlrunnersTEACHER
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Verbs (English/ Spanish)

By gaambeck
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Basic English Verbs 3

By smarcsi
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Color TV Spanish/English verbs

By drjrodriguezTEACHER
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English Verbs List 3

By AWalsh5
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Basic English Verbs 3

31 terms by MamaGonzoTEACHER

Verbs 71 - 80 - English 3

By Hilda1956
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Spanish 1A Non-Regular Verbs (Spanish-English)

By senoracoatesTEACHER
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Verbs: Spanish-English

By eacho
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Spanish - English Verbs

By Mary_Collins68TEACHER
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Spanish - English Verbs

By SashaOsterTEACHER
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Verb test- Spanish to English

By erinegriffin
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Pantoja - ELL Verbs (English-Spanish)

23 terms by LoraDavisTEACHER

Verbs and Adverbs (Spanish/English)

By kpacheco8
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List of Regular Verbs English-Spanish

40 terms by SrtaFitzTEACHER

Regular verbs english-spanish 3 tenses (present, past and participle)

By michael_nicholson6
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Spanish Common Verb List #3

By tomadams
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Basic English Verbs 3

By LottaK666
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Spanish Verbs #3

By lcaaron04301952TEACHER
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Verbs, English to Spanish

By fer102
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Verbs English - Spanish 2

By TeacherLuisMAchi
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English/Spanish Verbs

By creid1013
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Spanish 3 Verb Review

By Karen_Baio
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English Irregular Verbs mnaves3

By Mohamed_Sharaf7
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Verbs English / Spanish

By The_Zero
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ESL Verbs (English - Spanish)

By vsglezTEACHER
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H.S. C. 3 Verb Phrase Matching English to Spanish

By Sra_BalsamaTEACHER
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English Irregular Verbs mnaves3

By saadettin34
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Verbs English and Spanish

By TeacherLuisMAchi
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General English: Reporting verbs 3 - verb patterns

28 terms by CIC-TeacherTEACHER

Basic Spanish Verbs 3

By camlelelTEACHER
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General English: Reporting verbs 3 - verb patterns

By thistle99TEACHER
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