Spanish to English

By Hector_Acket
9 terms by Hector_Acket


By hubert_popiakTEACHER
23 terms by hubert_popiakTEACHER

Spanish to English

By framijasTEACHER
30 terms by framijasTEACHER

Spanish to English

By fostecou
16 terms by fostecou

Basic Sentences - English - Spanish

By hstewart731
10 terms by hstewart731

House Words English-Spanish

By arivera1116TEACHER
23 terms by arivera1116TEACHER

Spanish / English

By LeeBernadas
75 terms by LeeBernadas

Verbs English to Spanish

44 terms by Sra_MikiTEACHER

English to Spanish Colors

By bgiustiniano
8 terms by bgiustiniano

Spanish to English

By harry96506
80 terms by harry96506

Adjectives English to Spanish

By TeacherLuisMAchi
35 terms by TeacherLuisMAchi

Descriptive Words Spanish to English

By Tim_Jones_221TEACHER
11 terms by Tim_Jones_221TEACHER

English/Spanish Words

By jmsv52570TEACHER
11 terms by jmsv52570TEACHER

spanish to english

By Jeremy_Martin55
217 terms by Jeremy_Martin55

Shapes in Spanish and English

By Kendra_ShaferTEACHER
10 terms by Kendra_ShaferTEACHER

Spanish to English Conversation Words

By khalualaniTEACHER
28 terms by khalualaniTEACHER

Spanish-English Cognates

By Abigail_Allspaugh
45 terms by Abigail_Allspaugh

Ordinal Numbers English/ Spanish

By palomasanzTEACHER
20 terms by palomasanzTEACHER

Spanish/English Math Vocab

34 terms by PowellM1TEACHER

Padre Nuestro English/Spanish

By janet_crespoTEACHER
10 terms by janet_crespoTEACHER

Spanish to English

By ilay9923
28 terms by ilay9923

Days - Spanish & English

By teachremion
10 terms by teachremion

Family - Spanish / English

By Kate_BrillonTEACHER
30 terms by Kate_BrillonTEACHER


By Kasia_Alozie
37 terms by Kasia_Alozie

Spanish to English

By Addie_Anderson3
12 terms by Addie_Anderson3

English / Spanish Cognates

By Maricruz_Cardenas1TEACHER
455 terms by Maricruz_Cardenas1TEACHER

spanish to english

By charitylw
30 terms by charitylw

Spanish to English

By jjoseph02
60 terms by jjoseph02

Food (English and Spanish)

By quizlette680501
85 terms by quizlette680501

ESL Feelings (English Spanish)

By George110765TEACHER
12 terms by George110765TEACHER

Animals English-spanish

By tconstantine
50 terms by tconstantine

School Words - Spanish and English

By MsRegisterESOL
13 terms by MsRegisterESOL

Personality Adjectives Spanish - English

By twycrossspanish
46 terms by twycrossspanish

Spanish/English Math Vocab Geometry

17 terms by PowellM1TEACHER

english to spanish

22 terms by COELBREN

English to Spanish

By Samuel_Macleay
27 terms by Samuel_Macleay

Spanish to English Clothing Vocabulary

By tconstantine
38 terms by tconstantine

Spanish to English

By inwardheellip
50 terms by inwardheellip

English to Spanish Food

By bgiustiniano
12 terms by bgiustiniano

Spanish to English

By Aneesh_Yellajosyula
54 terms by Aneesh_Yellajosyula

Sight Words: Adjectives (Spanish - English)

By brentsimpson1TEACHER
98 terms by brentsimpson1TEACHER

Prepositions (Spanish / English)

By MonicarresTEACHER
61 terms by MonicarresTEACHER


By jgraham83
10 terms by jgraham83

Cooking vocabulary- English to Spanish

By HeatherRobidoux
61 terms by HeatherRobidoux

Spanish to English (School Supplies)

By TrumpowerkTEACHER
17 terms by TrumpowerkTEACHER

Spanish/English pronouns

By TracyLyn_SmithTEACHER
18 terms by TracyLyn_SmithTEACHER

English to Spanish

117 terms by ILOVECHOCOLATE1

English to Spanish (Clothing)

By TrumpowerkTEACHER
23 terms by TrumpowerkTEACHER

Parts of the Body (Spanish/English)

By Camilla_Lopez
25 terms by Camilla_Lopez

Ordinal Numbers English/ Spanish

By Hannah_Fountain
10 terms by Hannah_Fountain