Linzer Spanish-English Cognates

45 terms By linzer_dina Teacher

Color TV Spanish/English verbs

20 terms By drjrodriguez Teacher

Color TV Spanish/English

16 terms By drjrodriguez Teacher

1st LS NN / Números / Spanish-English

10 terms By MrsBorda Teacher

Lección 2.1: La clase y la universidad (Spanish, English, and photos)

44 terms By thespanishbenge Teacher

Counting Spanish/English 1-20

20 terms By Evawolf67 Teacher

Spanish-English Cognates

37 terms By jilfis

Spanish/English Inside the U.S.A. School Places and Things

26 terms By skhasson Teacher

Spanish-English Cognates

38 terms By evameep672

ESL Basic Phrases (English - Spanish)

21 terms By George110765 Teacher

A viajar por avión (Spanish/English)

41 terms By hgonzalezmhhs Teacher

1.Y10 Personality Adjectives Spanish - English

20 terms By Cristina7644 Teacher

Lección 4.2: Adjetivos y lugares (Spanish, English, and Photos)

14 terms By thespanishbenge Teacher

Verbos de datos personales: Spanish/English

45 terms By pyutzy


10 terms By LuceroDuarte

Kumak's Fish (Spelling & Vocabulary (Spanish-English)

21 terms By mylanguageclass Teacher

Spanish--->English Translations: Animals

33 terms By Dragon-of-AIM

Spanish-English Planets and The Cosmos

19 terms By TuckerHall

Spanish English (foods)

55 terms By grantrm

ESL Feelings (English Spanish)

12 terms By George110765 Teacher

School Supplies (English/ Spanish with pics)

21 terms By wherityw

Spanish English Quiz

20 terms By Dkinn11

Spanish-English Nations of the World

203 terms By TuckerHall

Spanish English (Animal Kingdom)

32 terms By grantrm

Basic Verbs with pictures Spanish 2 Spanish/English

29 terms By ajoycetb Teacher

Spanish-English Snacks, Drinks, and Condiments

61 terms By TuckerHall

Bodyparts: English - Spanish

24 terms By taylorelaineallen

Lección 4.3: Pasatiempos (Spanish, English, and photos)

25 terms By thespanishbenge Teacher

Animals - Spanish&English

32 terms By valerialately

Color - Spanish English

10 terms By aalderson Teacher

Spanish English (Household Items)

52 terms By grantrm

Spanish/English Verbs

64 terms By NACD-Flashcards

Spanish-English Fruits, Vegetables, and Nuts

57 terms By TuckerHall

Spanish English (Garage/Marina)

17 terms By grantrm

Spanish/English idioms

32 terms By Rosa_Lilian_Jimenez

spanish english

20 terms By adrianaleoncomputo

Personality Adjectives Spanish - English

48 terms By laualso

everyday activities in Spanish english

13 terms By York_Hepworth

Vocabulario Pg. 27 Spanish - English

111 terms By kyleMoraleja

Spanish-English vocab

10 terms By mccarthysha

2A spanish-english 20 words quiz

20 terms By CleAllen

Spanish-English String, Woodwind, Brass, Percussion Instruments

23 terms By TuckerHall

Greetings Spanish/ English

13 terms By sarahim15

Paso a paso 3-2 Spanish English

34 terms By srtocino Teacher

Paso a paso 3-1 Spanish-English

34 terms By srtocino Teacher

Lección 8.7: Verbos (Spanish, English, and photos)

9 terms By thespanishbenge Teacher

Unit 3: Here We Go! Spanish/English terms

20 terms By cgentzel09 Teacher

Spanish - English class objects

11 terms By tanya_kuznetsova

Lhian-Classroom vocabulary-Spanish/English

17 terms By cgentzel09 Teacher

Spanish/English Vocab Words

19 terms By VB_girl_1