Common Questions and Answers Review

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Speaking Task Questions

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Interrogative Words (Spanish/English)

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English Spanish F

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Direct Object Pronouns

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Counting in Spanish: Numbers 0 - 31

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Gustar, Encantar, Fascinar, and other verbs of the Indirect Object

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Names Of All Countries In Spanish

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Adjectives in English and Spanish

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50 Common Spanish cognates

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Subject Pronouns Spanish 1

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Tema de Global Challenges

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Spanish 4: vocabulary (english translation)

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English- spanish

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Unit 1. Likes

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Unit 1. La Familia

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Unit 1. Personal Descriptions

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English Numbers And Spanish Numbers

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Spanish: Body Parts

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Idioms and expressions related to weather (English - Spanish)

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TENER (Spanish/English)

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SER(Spanish/English meaning)

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Numbers 1-10 from Spanish to English

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Present Progressive - Irregular

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Present Progressive - Regular

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Spanish - Indefinite Pronouns

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Beef pork chicken cuts..english spanish

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Colors in English to Spanish

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Irregular Verb #7 (SER-Gerund)

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Verbs like gustar

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Spanish to English Numeros

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Frases básicas in English/Spanish- List 2

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Frases basicas en English/Spanish - List 1

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Family - English/Spanish

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Explanation of Spanish Verb Tenses

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Los Días, Los Meses, Los Números-español 1-Seccíon 1

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lección 6 - Spanish / English

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English Spanish countries

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English Spanish Cognates

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Subjects, English to Spanish

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English/ Spanish Cognates ME

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english to spanish

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Partes del cuerpo

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Adjectives: Spanish to English

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haitian creole

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Capitulo 6: En mi dormitorio (Spanish-English)

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(Chapter 4) Household Chores - Spanish to English

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