Family, describing people

76 terms By hobanloucol Teacher

spanish family members describing people and family relationships final

36 terms By AngelinaRangel

Family, describing people

58 terms By jonbelll

Family - Describing people

102 terms By novakildi

List 25 (unit 5 list 1): Describing People and Family Relationships

64 terms By Srkennedy Teacher

Introducing and describing people, family members

35 terms By myriamweber Teacher

Die Familie - Describing people

17 terms By herrashby

5.1 Describing people and family (for test)

35 terms By mbope66 Teacher

Describing people

31 terms By Ursulahn Teacher

French 2 Family/Describing People

29 terms By Elizabeth_Hart81

Family + Describing People

31 terms By IsobelLandellMills

Spanish II - Describing people and family relationships

54 terms By kcassady Teacher

adjectives to describe people

20 terms By MmeSanders Teacher

Spanish- Family Relationships/Describing People

53 terms By Lmm0015

EAL A1: Describing People

21 terms By myersale Teacher

4-9 Describing People

22 terms By azilch Teacher

Family & describing people

49 terms By Carly_Pletcher

Spanish 2: Family & Describing People

78 terms By katesingley

Family/ Describing People

73 terms By briannak2016

Ch 5.1 vocab describing people

31 terms By traceyherbert Teacher

Indonesian Test Family&Describing People

32 terms By estecase

Describing People - Advanced English for IELTS & CAE (

32 terms By Portalingo Teacher

CCS INDO-Year 8, Describing People

13 terms By petersenjk Teacher

family\ describe people

40 terms By sophialaday

Year 7 - adjectives to describe people

12 terms By Smith_Greneway Teacher

Describing people

27 terms By LindsayJMarshall Teacher

Describing people and Family Relationships

54 terms By Want2succeed

Vocabulario 1 -Describing people and family relationships

78 terms By adaliciaroth

Indonesian - Describing People

30 terms By woolooware Teacher

family/describing people

80 terms By Kenzy_Montgomery

CapĂ­tulo 6 Segundo Paso - Describing people; discussing things a family does together

26 terms By Claudia_Madrigal6 Teacher

German- Talking About the Family/Describing people/Possessives

37 terms By Taylor_Young14

Describing people and family relationships

34 terms By Wendy_Labenow Teacher

Describing People 2

23 terms By eflclassroom Teacher

Gahanna Spanish I Chapter 5.1 describing people

33 terms By frionij Teacher

Describing people

29 terms By blankag Teacher

A1/A2 Describing people

50 terms By csaba_szalai Teacher

French Final Vocal; identifying people/things/family, describing people, personal relations

59 terms By missaleyah

Spanish 1 Chapter 5 Describing people & family relationships

48 terms By cindyweirick Teacher


17 terms By lupita_giesseler Teacher

8.3 Describing People

14 terms By SarahPerry4 Teacher

Adjectives to Describe People

14 terms By SraRosey Teacher

Describing people

54 terms By Peter_Noonan45 Teacher

Describing people

31 terms By greece666 Teacher

Describing People

10 terms By erinmmcmahon Teacher

Wie bist du? - describing people and animals

20 terms By rosgreen Teacher

More Describing People

8 terms By erinmmcmahon Teacher

les adjectifs - describing people

10 terms By andrea_kemp1 Teacher

Describing People (Adjectives)

24 terms By SnrRhodes Teacher

Gold - Unit 1- Vocabulary - Describing people

14 terms By centroidiomasfucs Teacher