Spanish grammer- irregular present perfect

31 terms By anniehutchinson

Complete Spanish Grammer - Irregular present "Yo"

21 terms By mgravelle

Spanish Grammer Irregulars Unit 1

32 terms By wendyqu

spanish grammer- irregulars in present perfect- english translation

30 terms By anniehutchinson

spanish grammer irregular

18 terms By sajaadb

Spanish Grammer irregular preterite

17 terms By abby_ames1

Spanish Grammer Irregulars

10 terms By AnkurBamezai

Spanish Grammer

90 terms By Toni_Borrero Teacher

spanish grammer verbos irregulares

25 terms By tabathacowan

Spanish 2 : Grammer : Irregular Preterites : Venir, Poner, Decir, Traer

16 terms By samanthaemmerfink

Spanish Grammer Chapter 3

50 terms By alix_elizabeth

Spanish 3A Grammer (irregular tú commands

9 terms By kylie_lexia

Grammer Irregular Verbs

131 terms By andris1997

Irregular Spanish Grammer

16 terms By JRC123

Spanish Grammer

90 terms By abudd14

Spanish GRAMMER- Futuro

23 terms By Sasha_Uzzle


17 terms By alyssajaiegill

Spanish 3A Grammer (irregular negative tú commands)

4 terms By kylie_lexia

Spanish Grammer

13 terms By ailiegrant97

Spanish 2 Chapter 8 Grammer irregular verbs

9 terms By s-oedgington

Ch.1 Complete Spanish Grammer

140 terms By chicken12197

Spanish unit 9 grammer- irregular/stem changing preterites

15 terms By Josh_Peters3

Spanish 2 Grammer: Irregular Yo Verbs

10 terms By Zachary_Allgood

Chapter 12 Grammer- irregular verbs (future tense)

12 terms By MalakSeif

Spanish 2 U3L2 Grammer (Irregular stems in the Preterite Tense)

11 terms By JFF12321

Unit 3 Lesson 2 Grammer ( irregular preterite)

10 terms By avamoslehi

1.불규칙 동사표 Irregular verbs

32 terms By jody_jo Teacher

Irregular verb spelling Mid-term1 Grammer

109 terms By Mohammed_Dabroom

Lesson One Grammer (Preterite & Irregular Preterite)

44 terms By brock_gregory

midterm grammer

39 terms By fenimors

Irregular Verb Stem Future/Conditional Tense

12 terms By weimaraner

Grammer and Irregular Verbs

61 terms By JacquelineSm

Grammer helper 2 irregular verbs

23 terms By shaiman

Classical Conversations cycle 3 english grammar irregular verbs

12 terms By straight

Irregular past participles

29 terms By juliastrongwater

Irregular verbs- present -past and participle

55 terms By Mauricio1133

Irregular Verbs - Tener (To Have), IR (To Go), Ver (To See)

36 terms By mbensusan

4B Grammer Review- Irregular Preterite words

36 terms By doggydaiz

irregular preterite

30 terms By ejohnston2

Facetas Chapter 1 grammer

47 terms By tirzah_reilly

PMP-Grammer-Irreg Verbs

32 terms By zjks21

Irregular verbs 2A

29 terms By Eijags

Spanish 3B Grammer (el subjuntivo: Verbos irregulares)

6 terms By kylie_lexia

Irregular past participle

25 terms By pemader

Irregular Past Participles

31 terms By vtgirl18

irregular grammer

25 terms By ArielleWeinstein

spanish vocab/grammer

33 terms By livelaughleanz

irregular verb grammer

15 terms By gianni_lockhart

Grammer Spanish Verbs w/Irregular First Person

14 terms By cmshors

Spanish III: Ch 14 Grammer 2

43 terms By khunley24