I 00 PE Telling Time in Spanish

40 terms By Jibtrim2 Teacher

Spanish I Review-tener expressions

16 terms By Sheena_Isaacs5 Teacher

Spanish I: Expressions of Courtesy

26 terms By maggie1406

Spanish I - Expressions

34 terms By michelehart

Spanish I- Expressions about Time

15 terms By quizlette98249

Spanish I - expressions

44 terms By dmdonohue

Spanish I - Expressions Quiz

40 terms By biliy

Spanish I Expressions

31 terms By cgagnet14

Spanish I Expressions with TENER

18 terms By c2fiorita

FR I - Expressions w/ avoir

64 terms By lucylholmes Teacher

Fall Semester Final Review Set I: Expressions

20 terms By benjaminwestlund Teacher

Spanish I- Expressions with Tener

11 terms By leslier564

Spanish I expressions

7 terms By traminguyen

Spanish I Expressions 21-40

20 terms By astansberry

Spanish I Expressions with HACER

17 terms By ellerythompson

London I Expressions of Courtesy

5 terms By jrwlondon

Spanish I Student Expressions

40 terms By rruppel

2n U2 Accions i expressions

22 terms By EOIGirona-arab Teacher

Spanish I Lesson 15: Classroom words and expression

10 terms By Sanderlin Teacher

Sp. I: Expressing strong feelings with QUE

6 terms By ecbravo24

Spanish I tener expressions (*means you don't need to know until Spanish II)

15 terms By kjamell

Spanish I (days of the week, the months, and related expressions)

32 terms By senorakeller

Spanish I Teacher Expressions

22 terms By rruppel

Weather Expressions Spanish I

18 terms By sobotaj

Spanish I - Chapter 7B -Stores, Gifts, and Shopping Expressions

34 terms By MP109

Spanish I Spanish expressions

27 terms By dnewsome4

Spanish I - Verbos y expresiones verbales

32 terms By ehyybrahh

Vocab 3-1 Spanish I

22 terms By hugghinss Teacher

Spanish I: Cap 8 - Deportes de equipo

82 terms By Angeleen_Sanders

Spanish I classroom expressions

26 terms By ShardeJ

Spanish I clothes, seasons, expressions, and verbs

60 terms By AMY_HOFFMAN9

Avancemos I: U2 L1 Tener Expressions

14 terms By senoreckel

Daily Life Verbs and expressions - Spanish I

38 terms By martybrooks

Spanish I combo challenge

364 terms By senorakeller

Fran├žais I: Expressions Utiles

151 terms By MSandwichT

Spanish I - Basic Expressions

18 terms By imustbesage

Expressions of Courtesy Spanish I

5 terms By kristameadows

Tener Expressions Spanish I

10 terms By mcasini

Spanish I Student Expressions Quiz

32 terms By mharlow97

FR I - Expressions with Avoir

25 terms By lucylholmes Teacher

Spanish I Vocabulary

35 terms By Alexis_Ancona

Time Expressions Spanish I

13 terms By sobotaj

SOS Spanish I - Unit 1 Expressions

21 terms By kmctrinity

Expressions #1

21 terms By wendilincoln

Spanish I-2; Time expressions for Ir

26 terms By sraminton

FRENCH I - Expressions with Avoir, Expressions for telling time Assigned on 05/03/2015 for 05/05/2015

29 terms By Marie_Brun

Spanish I: Weather Expressions

27 terms By mikayy28

expresiones para charlar Spanish I

20 terms By wendilincoln

French I expressing what you like to do

18 terms By zorak

Spanish I: Classroom Expressions

43 terms By shutterbug112