Spanish Reflexive Verbs (Honors Spanish II)

34 terms By zach_souers

Spanish II Expressions with Por

31 terms By Heather_Lock3

Spanish Reflexive Verbs (Honors Spanish II)

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Spanish expressions used in class

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Español II: Daily routine / reflexive verbs

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Spanish II expressions

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Spanish II--Childhood vocabulary

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Ser and Estar conjugations and uses

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Random Spanish Expressions using common verbs

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Expressions using Faire

51 terms By kcfr TEACHER

Expressions used with Pretérito

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Expressions using TENER

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AIJ vol.2 Ch.5: Expressions used in a restaurant

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Spanish II Expressions

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Expressions using the verb tener

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Expressions used with verb "Avoir"

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AIJ vol 1 ch 2-1 Expressions used in class

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Spanish II - Ser vs. Estar

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20 most common expressions using "estar"

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Spanish II Por y Para Test

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Expressions using "coup"

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Spanish II Useful Expressions

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Spanish II Useful Expressions

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Spanish II expressions

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Spanish II-+/- Expressions

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Sports (Spanish Useful Words and Expressions)

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Spanish II expressions

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25 terms By senorakeller TEACHER

Spanish - Expressions Using "Por"

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Useful Phrases for IB Spanish (II)

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Spanish II Por y Para

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Spanish II Unit 3.1 (2nd half of vocabulary)

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Spanish II - Expressions - #6

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Idiomatic Expressions Using Por

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Spanish II - Expressions

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