Spanish words and expressions used to connect ideas

53 terms By lopezp Teacher

Spanish II Expressions with Por

31 terms By Heather_Lock3

Karraker Spanish II Travel Vocabulary: Items, Gifts and Souvenirs

20 terms By ckarraker Teacher

Expressions used with Pretérito

10 terms By mbaralt Teacher

Ser and Estar conjugations and uses

34 terms By carolinaag Teacher

20 most common expressions using "estar"

10 terms By CBAhigh Teacher

Spanish expressions used in class

27 terms By vcambareri Teacher

Expressions using TENER

20 terms By MaestraWebb Teacher

Random Spanish Expressions using common verbs

188 terms By ad_fitz2002 Teacher

TENER (Parte 2): Las expresiones usadas en varias frases (Expressions used in various sentences)

12 terms By RBaumgart Teacher

Spanish II expressions

79 terms By IDontHaveAQwizLit

Spanish II review unit

25 terms By jjennings Teacher

Spanish II Unit 3.1 (2nd half of vocabulary)

39 terms By senoradelia Teacher

Spanish - Expressions Using "Por"

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JHS Spanish II Ud./Uds. commands and ísimo endings 5.1

50 terms By rxk2jc Teacher

Spanish II Expressions

52 terms By kate_johnson22

Expressions used in the classroom

24 terms By sullivanm1964 Teacher

Expressions using the verb tener

12 terms By Maestra_Campos Teacher

Spanish II: Capitulo 2a

53 terms By leah_sutton

Spanish II Useful Expressions

35 terms By dfinecanes

J1 6-2: Expressions Using Parts of the Body

17 terms By SumpterSensei Teacher

Expressions using "coup"

11 terms By tuppenyone Teacher

Useful Idiomatic Expressions Using Dar(se)

15 terms By jaymahannah Teacher

Tener Expressions Spanish II

14 terms By 20157159

II 4A Time Expressions Used with the Imperfect Tense

21 terms By Jibtrim2 Teacher

Spanish II: Useful Expressions (quiz review)

74 terms By chlochlow

Spanish II Por y Para

100 terms By M_Dickson Teacher

Spanish II- Page 268

54 terms By kylie_hoffman31

Spanish II - Ser vs. Estar

12 terms By kcassady Teacher

Spanish II Useful Expressions

41 terms By adelle_walk

Some Words and Expressions Used to Connect Ideas

120 terms By Spanish_Rebels Teacher

Spanish II- Telling Time in Spanish

29 terms By ProfesorAsheMCHS Teacher

Spanish II-+/- Expressions

18 terms By Emily_Hamon

Spanish II (Expressing interest and disinterest)

39 terms By absfordayys

ABRIENDO PASO Expressions Used for Oral Communication

51 terms By gsampson Teacher

Spanish II Por y Para Test

50 terms By M_Dickson Teacher

Expressions using Tener

17 terms By strongg

Weather Expressions using "hay" (haber)

14 terms By Jo- Teacher

Time expressions used with Preterite tense

20 terms By wilmesr

Spanish II expressions

10 terms By bayleeleonard

Honors Spanish II Expressions

21 terms By mrizzi111

Expressions using Faire

44 terms By patricia1055 Teacher

U5E3 Expressions of time used with the preterite

19 terms By homerny Teacher

Avancemos U5L1 Ser and Estar conjugations and uses

34 terms By evpyszka Teacher

Useful expressions--Things a Teacher Says

13 terms By cbrewer-coon Teacher

Spanish II - Weather and Other Useful Expressions

32 terms By Coca-Khloa

Fr II - expressions avec avoir et faire

25 terms By MmeReiss Teacher

Time expressions used with ¿Cuándo?

23 terms By Jo- Teacher

Spanish II Capítulo 8/Parte 1

111 terms By shylaahuja

Spanish II - Expressions - #6

9 terms By stegers4