Spanish words and expressions used to connect ideas

53 terms By lopezp Teacher

Español II: Daily routine / reflexive verbs

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Spanish II Expressions with Por

31 terms By Heather_Lock3

Karraker Spanish II Travel Vocabulary: Items, Gifts and Souvenirs

20 terms By ckarraker Teacher

Spanish expressions used in class

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Spanish II Home Accessories and Rooms

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Spanish II Streets and Roads

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Ser and Estar conjugations and uses

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Expressions used with Pretérito

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Spanish II Bedroom and other Home Accessories

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Spanish II Describing Clothing

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Random Spanish Expressions using common verbs

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AIJ vol.2 Ch.5: Expressions used in a restaurant

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Spanish II Clothing

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Spanish II Colors

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20 most common expressions using "estar"

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Spanish II Classroom

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Expressions using TENER

20 terms By MaestraWebb Teacher

Spanish II Appliances

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Spanish II Store Accessories

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Spanish - Expressions Using "Por"

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Spanish II Stores and Shops

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Clothing Vocabulary and Expressions/Spanish II and II Honors

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Spanish II expressions

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Spanish II review unit

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Spanish II Unit 3.1 (2nd half of vocabulary)

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AIJ vol 1 ch 2-1 Expressions used in class

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TENER (Parte 2): Las expresiones usadas en varias frases (Expressions used in various sentences)

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Spanish II Expressions

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Spanish II Feelings

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Expressions used in the classroom

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Spanish II Travel Items

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JHS Spanish II Ud./Uds. commands and ísimo endings 5.1

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Spanish II Tener Expressions

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Expressions using Être

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Spanish II most commonly used words 1-150

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Spanish II: Capitulo 2a

53 terms By leah_sutton

Spanish Exam (Telling Time, TENER (Expressions, Uses, and Vocab) GUSTAR (Uses), IR, DAR, POS. ADJ./…

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Expressions using the verb tener

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Spanish II expressions

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Expressions using "coup"

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Spanish II Useful Expressions

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Tener Expressions Spanish II

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Spanish II Clothes

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Spanish II Places in the City

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Useful Idiomatic Expressions Using Dar(se)

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Spanish II - Unit 1

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Spanish II Foods and Drinks

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