Spanish 3.2 Weather Expressions

By Delaneyfoust
12 terms by Delaneyfoust

Spanish expressions 2/18/16

By Ethan_Miller26
12 terms by Ethan_Miller26

Positive and Negative Expressions - Spanish 2

By ditzele
14 terms by ditzele

tener expressions in Spanish

By phurst
13 terms by phurst

Spanish 2 Unit 1 -Expressions with infinitives

By SenoraMichels
25 terms by SenoraMichels

Spanish 2 2b verbs and expressions

By SoccerPro882
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Spanish 2 house verbs and expressions

By samjervia
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Spanish 6.2 Vocab and Expressions

By kendall_mclain
34 terms by kendall_mclain

Spanish 9-2 questions and expressions

By Jenny_Mandarano5th
21 terms by Jenny_Mandarano5th

Spanish 2 expressions 41-50

By Kyle_Doherty8
10 terms by Kyle_Doherty8

Classroom Expressions (Spanish) Part 2

By Twins214
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Spanish 2:Negative and positive expressions

By philiphi000
22 terms by philiphi000

Spanish Expressions

By cradchikFPTEACHER
43 terms by cradchikFPTEACHER

Spanish 2: Tener expressions/affirmative-negative commands

By Yesica_Meza1
38 terms by Yesica_Meza1

spanish 2 adverbs and se expressions

By P2_Eesha345
23 terms by P2_Eesha345

Spanish 4.2 (Expressions of certainty)

By AEgon40
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Spanish Expressions

By crewhoff
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Spanish: Common Expressions Vocabulary (Lesson 2.2)

By Matt_Mandolese
14 terms by Matt_Mandolese

Spanish 2 Recap/Useful Expressions

By MakutaCat
22 terms by MakutaCat

Spanish2: Negative and Affirmative Expressions

By Nicole_Scroggie4
24 terms by Nicole_Scroggie4

Negative and Positive Expressions (Spanish 2)

By imwallea
18 terms by imwallea

Spanish 2 LSN time expressions

By Katherine_Davis47
10 terms by Katherine_Davis47

9.2 Spanish vocab expressions

By dianarock
12 terms by dianarock

Spanish 1.3.2 Weather Expressions

By Mary_Chamberlain
10 terms by Mary_Chamberlain

Spanish 2 Negative and Affirmative expressions

By zachyoungdale
16 terms by zachyoungdale

Spanish 2 Time Expressions--Clues for Preterite and Imperfect

By cuberoespTEACHER
34 terms by cuberoespTEACHER

Spanish Vocab 6 2 Expressions

By chasegrossman
11 terms by chasegrossman

Spanish Tener Expressions

By Bridget_Mullins5TEACHER
14 terms by Bridget_Mullins5TEACHER

Spanish Connecting Words and Expressions SET 2

By marywoodie
24 terms by marywoodie

Spanish conversation #2 idiomatic expressions

By Erin_MacDonald39
26 terms by Erin_MacDonald39

Spanish Vocab 8.2 Expressions

By lauren_linn
11 terms by lauren_linn

Spanish 2 (MARTINEZ) - Verbal Expressions

By ellievillano
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Spanish 2 Chapter 9.2 Expressions

By morganacoba
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Spanish Expressions Pages 2-3

By gocrazyfolks-jb
55 terms by gocrazyfolks-jb

CAE English Expressions (2) SPANISH

By arojmar
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Spanish 2: Affirmative/Negative Expressions

By katherinee13
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Spanish - Idiomatic Expressions - Part 2

By alyssssa99
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Spanish 6.2 Vocab and expressions

By alanamosley1
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Spanish Chapter 2 Tener expressions

By leahsanta12
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Spanish Vocabulary Expressions

By Kevin_DowdTEACHER
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Spanish 2 Positive and Negative Expressions

By annalech
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Spanish 201 Exam 2 Expressions

By perce-19
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Spanish- Chapter 2 Noun Expressions

By Lindsey_Fratzke
15 terms by Lindsey_Fratzke

Spanish Expressions Quiz 5/2

By isabellaamunro
27 terms by isabellaamunro

Idiomatic Expressions-Spanish Part 2

By tidalwave721
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Spanish 2 expressions week 4

By baileynnesbitt1024
10 terms by baileynnesbitt1024

Tener Expressions (Spanish 1)

By bourquephsTEACHER
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Spanish 2 Negative and Time Expressions

By Willyd55
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Spanish 2 Final Tener Expressions

By K19Taylor
21 terms by K19Taylor

Spanish 2: Affirmative and Negative Expressions

By htaylor2018
20 terms by htaylor2018