Spanish Future & Conditional Irregular Stems and Endings

24 terms By dhinkel Teacher

Spanish irregular stem changing verbs in the present tense

22 terms By galuap Teacher

Spanish - Irregulars/Stem-Changers

35 terms By annajpatton

Future irregular stems

21 terms By Madame_Browne Teacher

Spanish Irregular Stem-Changing Verbs (Present Tense)

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Spanish irregular stems for conditional qeh

10 terms By cbrotherton Teacher

spanish irregular stem changing verbs

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Le futur simple- Irregular Stems

20 terms By jeannine-pentz Teacher

Spanish Irregular Stem-Changing Verbs (Present Tense)

48 terms By aromochs

Spanish Irregular Stem Verbs

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Irregular stem spanish 3/4

50 terms By senoraevanko Teacher

Spanish (irregular & stem changing verbs)

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Spanish Irregular, Stem-Changing, and Common Verbs

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Spanish Irregular/Stem Changing Verbs

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Spanish irregular stem

14 terms By MaddieReyes

Irregular + Stem-Changing Verbs Marrison

26 terms By nataliemarrison Teacher

Spanish irregular stems

15 terms By dlaib

le FUTUR - with IRREGULAR stems

36 terms By utlars Teacher

Irregular stem preterit

13 terms By Elizabeth_Berreth Teacher

Spanish Irregular Stem Verbs

22 terms By lbrummel

Spanish Irregular Stems En El Preterito

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Spanish Irregular/Stem-Changing/Misc. Verbs

30 terms By sk8ergurl360

Spanish: irregular stem verbs

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Hunky-Dory Preterite Spanish Irregular Stems

26 terms By LJ_Gomez

Spanish Irregular Stem-Changing Verbs (Present Tense)

48 terms By GinesBernal

imparfait irregular stems

32 terms By beardchr Teacher

Spanish-irregular stems

33 terms By TaylorWaibel

Spanish Irregular Stem Past Tense

49 terms By kaitiekay2000

Spanish - irregular stem-changing verbs

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Spanish Irregular Stem-Changing Verbs

146 terms By Bryce_Jacobs1

Spanish: Irregular Stems

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SP3 Future & Conditional Irregular Stems

12 terms By mclonan Teacher

Spanish Irregular Stem Change in first person singular

16 terms By kieran_kiley

Le futur simple - irregular stems

28 terms By mbroschart Teacher

French Future Tense Irregular Stems

11 terms By kgrosso Teacher

Ch. 1-1, Irregular & Stem-Changing Verbs

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Spanish Irregular Stems

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Spanish Irregular stems/verbs

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ylspan spanish irregular stem changing present verb exceptional

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Spanish Irregular Stems

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Spanish Irregular/stem changing

25 terms By oliviabrown211

Spanish Irregular/Stem-Changing Verbs

35 terms By carsynfisher

Spanish irregular stem preterite verbs

33 terms By christina_dore

Spanish Irregular Stems

18 terms By neffo

Irregular stems- fut/cond

28 terms By kepaul Teacher

Spanish Irregular Stem-Changing Verbs (Present Tense)

48 terms By bacalladolola

Spanish Irregular Stems in the Preterite and Apuntes de los Objectos Directos

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Spanish: Irregular Stem Changing Verbs

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spanish irregular stem

16 terms By maigeller

Spanish Irregular (stem-changing) Verbs - Group 3

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