Praxis II 5049: Figurative Language & Lit Theory (per CNs)

119 terms By MrsArnett Teacher

AP Language - Lit Words 1

34 terms By jacobm89216

AP Language - Lit Words 3

17 terms By jacobm89216

AP Language - Lit Words 2

17 terms By jacobm89216

Praxis II: English Content: Figurative Language & Lit Theory Terminology

99 terms By masonosam

language lit first exam

37 terms By chasity_channell

Figurative Language & Lit Terms

37 terms By MsBadolato

AP Language + Lit Vocab

39 terms By madelynnesteb

Word Wealth Unit 3 AP English Language/Lit. 11th grade

61 terms By momoe7725

AP Language (lit Vocab)

20 terms By brittany33renee

Word Wealth Unit 2 AP English Language/Lit. 11th grade

60 terms By momoe7725

AP Language Lit Terms

32 terms By everosaleigh

Language Lit terms and vocab

35 terms By monkeygiggle88

Figurative Language-Lit terms

30 terms By odds2study

A.P. English Language Lit Terms

78 terms By sauvee

language lit terms exam 1

54 terms By dalliekatedarnell

AP Language - Lit Words 2 & 3

34 terms By jacobm89216

AP Language Lit Terms

92 terms By Angelina_Snegach

language lit log

21 terms By Maren_Nelson1

language lit terms

42 terms By christen2532

language lit terms

40 terms By colediggitydog

AP Language - Lit Words 4

36 terms By jacobm89216

Language Lit Test

82 terms By Mathstudent21

AcaDec flash cards (language lit.) part 1

14 terms By elliebritton98

AP Language Lit Vocab

72 terms By jimmy_lam73

Figurative Language & Lit Device Definitions

9 terms By Tbohlman

AP Language Lit Terms

33 terms By john_mcintyre

AP Language Lit Terms

101 terms By jaallison

AP Language Lit Terms 1

50 terms By Brian_Liang7

Language & Lit Exam 1

26 terms By japufahl

AP Language. Lit terms #2

31 terms By samantha_wahba

AP Language: Lit Terms 3

25 terms By samantha_wahba

IB Language Lit Vocab

15 terms By cristiangamez

AP Language Lit Terms/ Rhetorical Devices

41 terms By hannahnoon7

AP English Language Lit Terms

15 terms By Destiny_Padilla5

AP Language Lit terms pt 3

14 terms By Amanda_Bentley

Spanish Language and Lit Final

12 terms By christinamarquis

Language + Lit Terms & Definitions PART 4

47 terms By Mia_Shaddock

Word Wealth Unit 1 AP English Language/Lit. 11th grade

40 terms By momoe7725

CSHS AP Language Lit Terms 1-3

70 terms By aazia

language lit. vocab

16 terms By sambojade

CSHS AP Language Lit Terms 2 2013

20 terms By Robinfry

Language lit. Terms quiz

14 terms By cutekitty5555

Poetry and figurative language lit terms

21 terms By emilyberrier556

AP Language Lit terms set 1

20 terms By linwoodenglish

AP Language Lit Terms #3

28 terms By everosaleigh

AP English Language Lit terms

96 terms By kelseynicole15

AP Language Lit Terms Set 1

19 terms By aaronaguirre79

language lit

6 terms By Destiny_Butters

AP Language - Lit Words 1-3

68 terms By jacobm89216