Non-Reflexive boot VERBS

By dannyetkin17
15 terms by dannyetkin17

Non-reflexive BOOT verbs

By Jeremy_Mercado6
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BLML Non-Reflexive Boot Verbs

By Julia_Sposito
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BLML Non-Reflexive Boot Verbs

By Ari_Jacobson
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Non a reflexive BOOT verbs

By Sgacio
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Spanish Reflexive Verbs and Boot Verbs

By Katie_Olson22
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BLML Non-Reflexive Boot Verbs (-ER/-IR)

By StingerBee
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Spanish Reflexive verb conjugation vs non reflexive

By magalyros
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Spanish Reflexive/Non-Reflexive Verbs

By lucibillet
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Spanish Reflexive verb conjugation and non reflexive

By spizzo169TEACHER
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Reflexive and Non-Reflexive Verbs in Spanish

By Melissa_Amos2
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Spanish Verbs (Non-Reflexive)

By bcoffie
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Spanish Reflexive/Non reflexive verbs

By Delaney_Loken
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Spanish Reflexive and Non-reflexive Verbs

By czunt
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Spanish Reflexive verb conjugation vs non reflexive

By gdemp616
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NonReflexive Spanish Verbs

By belloc95
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spanish (non)reflexive verbs

By lolkhristian
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Spanish (Non)/Reflexive Verbs

By anm1198
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Spanish Verbs reflexive and non

By jack_arnett
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Spanish reflexive and non-reflexive verbs

By Victoria_Esemplare
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Spanish Reflexive/Non-Reflexive Verbs

By mackenzieeee_25
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Spanish reflexive and non-reflexive verbs

By rzirath19
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Spanish reflexive and non-reflexive verbs

By E_Kimm
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Spanish 2 Reflexive vs. Non-reflexive Verbs

By profebollmanTEACHER
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Spanish II Reflexive and Boot Verbs

By wpmiles
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Spanish 3 reflexive and boot verbs

By Rebecca_Smith8
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Spanish Reflexive verb conjugation vs non reflexive

By tg216797
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Spanish Reflexive verb conjugation vs non reflexive

By magarza
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Reflexive vs. Non-reflexive verbs---Spanish IV

By kozielskim
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Verbs for la misma luna (non-reflexive boot verbs IR)

By lilypopoli
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Reflexive Boot Verbs

28 terms by Sra_Jimenez_PALCSTEACHER

Vocabulary for "Bajo la Misma Luna" Non-reflexive BOOT verbs

By gboyle10044
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Spanish Reflexive & Non Reflexive Verbs & Pronouns

By amyyy133311
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Spanish 3 Reflexive/Non-reflexive Verb Meanings

By Kate_Noble
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Reflexive/Non-Reflexive Verbs

By Directioner82301
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Reflexive and Non-Reflexive Verbs

By sarinaemoore14
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Reflexive vs Non Reflexive Spanish Verbs

By Romanoff-Romanova
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Reflexive vs Non-reflexive Spanish Verbs

By simbas_person
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Spanish 102 Reflexive Verbs vs. Non- reflexive

By jennakatemonty
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Spanish II: Reflexive & Non-Reflexive Verbs

By liv_159
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Spanish reflexive vs. non-reflexive verbs

By Katie_Mandych
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Spanish: Reflexive vs Non-reflexive Verbs

By EmmaMiller18
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Spanish 2; Reflexive, non-reflexive verbs

By MissNicole99
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AP Spanish reflexive and non-reflexive verbs

By Sean-Goldman
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Spanish 3 Reflexive and non-reflexive verbs

By edl22
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7.1 Spanish Reflexive verb conjugation vs non reflexive

18 terms by SraAlgerTEACHER

Boot verbs + Reflexive verbs

By alana_ainsworth
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