Ordering food, requesting check, and others

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Ordering Food, Talking About Food, Requesting The Check

By Itsalyfestyle
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Ordering food in a restaurant, talking about food, requesting a check

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Spanish...Requesting check and talking abt. food

By eliz_turn
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Ordering/Requesting Food/Beverages

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Commenting on food/ order and requests (Spanish 1)

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food orders polite requests

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Irregular Commands + Ordering and Requesting Food

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Spanish Requesting Food

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Spanish - Requesting Food

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Spanish - requesting food

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Spanish Requesting Food

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Requesting food Spanish

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Requesting Food Spanish

By brendanspanish
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Spanish: Snacks and Requesting Food

By larry_senpai
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4.3: Ordering food/check

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"At the Restaurant"-"Requesting the check" in spanish Peter Wilmot

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Commenting on Food/ polite requests & taking order

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Ordering food (Spanish)

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Ordering food (Spanish)

By LanguageCentreQUBTEACHER
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Ordering food (Spanish)

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Asking Questions, Requesting Food SPANISH

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