Vocabulario 3.1a Talking about what you and others like to do

19 terms By tameraterndrup Teacher

1B talk about you/others

40 terms By kaceyotto

Talking about you and others & Talking about what you want to do

47 terms By believe-me

Spanish- talking about likes and dislikes

31 terms By H-A-study12

Repaso del capítulo- to talk about you and others.

39 terms By pnpoojitha

Talking about what you like to do

31 terms By foltzm Teacher

Spanish: talking about where you and others are, your responsibilities, and prepositions

60 terms By ms82420

Talking about a city you have visited

17 terms By HerrSherry Teacher

spanish talk about dinner

47 terms By ivorybrooksjr_brooks

Spanish - Talking About How You Feel

28 terms By SpeedyZebra

Talk about where you live

10 terms By HerrSherry Teacher

Spanish: Talking About What You And Your Friends Like To Do Together and What You Do During A Typica…

35 terms By brooklynn_collier

p.70 to talk about what you and others are like

31 terms By andrea_ebersbodinet Teacher

Talking about what you and others like to do

38 terms By mdelaneysat Teacher

Talking About Things You Like

15 terms By Srjcalonso Teacher

Spanish: Talk About Where You Went And What You Do

19 terms By Eullrich1994

Spanish vocab. to talk about you school day

14 terms By harrisdd

3.1b Talking about what you and others like to do

18 terms By tameraterndrup Teacher

spanish- talking about me and you

29 terms By missella312

Spanish 4: To talk about you know and don't know

5 terms By aquastarrkixx

Talk about Activities

17 terms By apbarcenas Teacher

To Talk About What You Do In Class

37 terms By Girsgirl52

To talk about you school day

22 terms By damonfuller17

Spanish: Talking About What You Like To Do And Discussing What You And Others Do During Free Time

51 terms By brooklynn_collier

Spanish Talking About what you used to like and dislike and describing people and things in the past

53 terms By eric_davis11


18 terms By minettili Teacher

Leçon 5A: préférences - talking about what you like and don't like to do

40 terms By yourfrenchteacher Teacher

Sims Spanish Unit 2.2 Describe classes/talk about how you feel

12 terms By carolannz Teacher

Que te gusta? Talking about what you and others like. Chapter 2.2

23 terms By edgarmontellano Teacher

Avencemos 1 U2L2 Talk About How You Feel

16 terms By srtahicks Teacher

aghsfr1 Leçon 13 talking about where you live. HOMEWORK FOR MARCH 20

43 terms By mmelord Teacher

Spanish: talk about activities, say what you like, snack food and beverage.

150 terms By csewell

Spanish- Talking about what you want and need

30 terms By ConnorBob

Spanish: Talk About Things And People You Know

12 terms By Eullrich1994

talk about what you and others are like

20 terms By Cotyp Teacher

To talk about you and others

22 terms By sionjames

Describing things, talks about you and others like, what is it like ?

25 terms By skylarharrisom

Spanish 2 Unit 3B: Talking about where you went and what you did

8 terms By VanCleaveSpanish Teacher

Spanish Talking about what you like to do.

27 terms By brittttttt2

Spanish 2 Unit 3.1 Talking about yourself and your career

45 terms By maestrocasillas Teacher

Rutina - Talking about things you need to get ready

16 terms By sviruetalvarez Teacher

spanish: talking about what you used to do

13 terms By jjkane

4A - To talk about leisure activities & about places

22 terms By sramcdevitt Teacher

CH 4 Segundo Paso: Talking about things and people you know

20 terms By clarichardson Teacher

To talk about you & others

18 terms By arielbook10

Talk About Chores and Responsibilities

14 terms By apbarcenas Teacher

1A - To talk about activities

21 terms By sramcdevitt Teacher

Spanish: Talking about what you want and need (p.97)

29 terms By Monica_Kramer7

Spanish (to talk about you and others)

39 terms By paitynkillinger

To talk about places in a community

45 terms By mzlearner