Talking about you Studies

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Talking about you

63 terms By larissa_lambert

Spanish 2 Unit 3.1 Talking about yourself and your career

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spanish talk about breakfast and lunch

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Spanish-talking about how you feel

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Talking about where you and others live

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Talk About Gifts

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To talk about you and others in Spanish

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Module B, Week 1 Vocabulary for talking about You.

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spanish- talking about me and you

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spanish talking about how you feel

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Spanish- talking about how you feel

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Spanish (to talk about you and others)

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Unidad 2: to talk about what you and others are like

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Talk About Sports

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Talk about you and others

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talking about you daily routine

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To talk about gifts you might buy

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talking about physical appearance

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Talk about events

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Unit 2.2 (Talk About How You Feel)

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Talk About you Daily Routine.

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1B talk about you/others

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Talking about what you and others like to do

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