Spanish Talking About Where You Love And Others Love And Talking About Your Responsibilities (5.2)

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Mis actividades: Discuss plans, sequence of events, talk about places and people you know

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p.70 to talk about what you and others are like

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Unit 2 Chapter 7.1-Talking about you daily routine

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Spanish talk about how you feel

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Spanish: Talking About Where You & Others Live

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En la clase - to talk about the classroom

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Talk about you family vacations.

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Spanish-Talk about what you do in class

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talking about you 2

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UNIT 1 VOCABULARY: Talking about you

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To Talk About You and Others

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Talking about how you feel, giving advice. Chapter 7.2

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KCIM Too unit 1 Talking about your culture's geography

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Edexcel GCSE Green Book Ch 4 Family-Talking about what attracts you to someone

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To talk about you and others/describing people

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4.4 Talking about what attracts you to someone

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Talk about where you live

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spanish talk about dinner

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Getting Acquainted - Talking about how you feel

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Talk about fires

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Spanish - Talking about what you want and need #2.1

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Spanish- talking about likes and dislikes

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Talk about where you live

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Talking about you and others & Talking about what you want to do

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1B talk about you/others

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To talk about things you need to get ready (2A)

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Repaso del capítulo- to talk about you and others.

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Talking About Things You Like

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Spanish: talking about where you and others are, your responsibilities, and prepositions

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To talk about you school day

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Talking about what you like to do

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Leçon 5A: préférences - talking about what you like and don't like to do

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Talking about a city you have visited

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Spanish Talk About Activites

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Talking about weather

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To talk about places in a community

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2.2b Talking about what you and others like

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Hablar sobre lo que haces en la clase - To talk about what you do in class (TEST REVIEW)

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Spanish - Talking About How You Feel

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Spanish: Talking About What You And Your Friends Like To Do Together and What You Do During A Typica…

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Spanish vocab. to talk about you school day

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Spanish: Talk About Where You Went And What You Do

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spanish- talking about me and you

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3.1b Talking about what you and others like to do

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Spanish 4: To talk about you know and don't know

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Avencemos 1 U2L2 Talk About How You Feel

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Chapter 2 - to talk about things you need for school

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To talk about the classroom

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Spanish 2 Unit 3.1 Talking about yourself and your career

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