Basic Spanish - Talking to a medical professional

26 terms By Grapepickers Teacher

Spanish (Talk about activities)

20 terms By alexthomas325

spanish talk about dinner

47 terms By ivorybrooksjr_brooks

Spanish- Talking on Phone

25 terms By Lsangdahl Teacher

Spanish talking with friends

64 terms By EchoTheCat

Spanish talk about activities

39 terms By Willow_Munson

Spanish Talk about shopping, Express preferences and opinions, and more

52 terms By Narney2015

spanish talk about activities

44 terms By tiffanyabraham

Spanish-Talk About Activities

24 terms By Luke_Jacobus

Spanish - Talking About Plans

36 terms By AyannahB92313

spanish talk abiut the classroomitems/ class furniture

16 terms By Unbrokinabiss33

Spanish talk

10 terms By star-king

Spanish Talking About a Trip Vocab 🚙

40 terms By Erika_MacDowell

Spanish Talking about how one feel

5 terms By azilch Teacher

Spanish talk about events , Talking about negative or indefinite situation, talk about technology

31 terms By fromkin2231

Spanish: talk about activities

37 terms By stronlia000

Spanish- Talk About Activities

35 terms By Kaitlyn_Hembree

Spanish Talking about food

32 terms By Lauren8fockey

Spanish: Talking about a film

25 terms By aodh

Spanish- Talking about the city

30 terms By usedturtleshell

spanish talking about meals

25 terms By nolanmolloy

Spanish- Talking about staying Healthy and more

36 terms By booklover4ever

spanish- talk about actitivities

24 terms By Mariah_Rogers4

Spanish (talk about shopping)

32 terms By lexi_biasi

Spanish talk bout activities

44 terms By lizclements

Spanish (talk about shopping)

23 terms By Chloe_Greenboam

Spanish- talk about shopping

41 terms By jordyn_mo2k18

spanish talk about breakfast and lunch

51 terms By Jordan_Chacon

Spanish: Talking about Activities

44 terms By erthebear

Spanish Talking About Schedule

11 terms By glocke19

Spanish-Talk about school 1A

35 terms By belangere4

Spanish Talking About Daily Routine

42 terms By MrWolve78__

Spanish: talking about plans, when, verbs, and inviting others

49 terms By ms82420

Spanish- Talking about what you need and want to do

15 terms By halbright16

spanish talking about the past vocab

39 terms By smilie396

Spanish talking on phone vocab

65 terms By gracedrewry

Spanish - Talking About Daily Routines

32 terms By KamSmith03

SPANISH talking on the phone

32 terms By kaitlin_kitch42

Spanish- Talk About Activities + Snacks Foods and Beverages + Other Words and Phrases

59 terms By Devin_Fisher1

Spanish- talking about activites

34 terms By tomram67

Spanish talk about activities

33 terms By lohmajac000

CP-Spanish (talk about activities)

24 terms By alybik

Spanish Talking about meals vocab

46 terms By grayalex99

Spanish: Talking About Activities

37 terms By embreste001

Spanish (talk about family)

20 terms By ANTSmarts

Spanish: Talking about everyday activities and How often.

31 terms By Karen_Minaya

SPANISH talk about activities

32 terms By Marieeeeeeeeeeeeee

Spanish- talking about likes and dislikes

31 terms By H-A-study12

Spanish: talking about getting hurt and asking for advice

55 terms By swegman18

SPANISH Talking About What People Do for a Living

48 terms By bailey_schafer22