Talking about how clothes look and fit

9 terms By clarichardson Teacher

Talk About How You Feel

9 terms By apbarcenas Teacher

To talk about getting ready

50 terms By mzlearner

Spanish Talking about how one feels

5 terms By azilch Teacher

(spanish) Talk About How You Feel

9 terms By Katy_Cheng8

Spanish: Talk About How You Feel

8 terms By angelayan_

Talking about how you feel

7 terms By montoyajai Teacher

Topic 15: Talking about daily routine

11 terms By Beijing_Chinese Teacher

Talking about clothes

13 terms By Dinora_Padrino Teacher

Spanish Talk About How You Feel

9 terms By Emma_NS6

Spanish talk about how you feel

9 terms By wildcat1444

Spanish Talk About How You Feel

9 terms By MQR

I can talk about my clothes and outfits.

10 terms By tina_yeh Teacher

Unidad 8: to talk about clothing

29 terms By SpanishTeacherRFMS Teacher

Spanish - Talking About How You Feel

28 terms By KamSmith03

German 1: Talking about clothes

20 terms By Ursulahn Teacher

Spanish-talking about how you feel

31 terms By renee_petersen

Talk about shopping and Clothing

30 terms By sopermartha Teacher

spanish talking about how you feel

42 terms By Lisa220210

Spanish- talking about how you feel

41 terms By julia_tantare2

7A - Talk about clothing

25 terms By lbisurfer3 Teacher

To Talk About Clothing

34 terms By Summer_Sensinger

Unit 2.2 (Talk About How You Feel)

9 terms By Cristobal_Herrera Teacher

EVO 11 Talking about clothes

9 terms By duy_lee

Realidades 7A: Talking About Clothing

27 terms By missnielson Teacher

How to Talk About Doctors 1

10 terms By tonyge

Talking about shopping for clothes

25 terms By HerrSherry Teacher

Academic Vocabulary for Talking about Journalism

11 terms By charlesmzizzo Teacher

talk about shopping

41 terms By laughinglizzie