Boats Full of People are in trouble at Sea

17 terms By LeanneIorioTacelli Teacher

U5E2 What People Are Doing; Other Words and Phrases

29 terms By jgwheelerjr Teacher

6. How many people are in your family?

7 terms By Madame_latham Teacher

Asking how people are and telling how you are

8 terms By djanney123 Teacher

Où? (Saying where people are)

18 terms By mmegilfix Teacher

Why people are like !@#$%^&

5 terms By TheLegitnessMilan

Ch. 1 Asking how people are/telling how you are

11 terms By lisahelms Teacher

what people are going to do on the weekend

20 terms By sab1204 Teacher

Outcomes Elementary Unit 1 - People and Places

125 terms By english-with-bethany Teacher

Say where people are from

10 terms By apbarcenas Teacher

Saying where people are

17 terms By mmemcgrath Teacher

Saying Where People Are From

29 terms By prettypinkprincess

1,1 Telling Where People are From (Ser)

6 terms By kringhofer Teacher

1,1 Asking where people are from

6 terms By kringhofer Teacher

Saying Where People Are From

29 terms By Prince_Solo

Where People Are From

29 terms By Kelsamaria

How many people are there in your family?

8 terms By laoshizhang Teacher

lego people are COOL

5 terms By leonisawesome55

Describing How People are Feeling

8 terms By lwhit330 Teacher

What people are like

36 terms By herha

1:5:2 Vocab - What People are Doing Around the House

7 terms By LindberghSpanish Teacher

Where people are from

10 terms By Srkennedy

I will be able to say where people are from

4 terms By mrmaganagvms7 Teacher

Spanish People are Strange

44 terms By ChristianDMuller

U1E1: Saying Where People Are From

32 terms By MichelleParris

What people are like

39 terms By absolivier

where people are from

66 terms By crecyrac000

Asking Where People are From

7 terms By Srkennedy

Lesson 6: Where People Are

13 terms By MmeEhlers

SPANISH What People Are Like

44 terms By sparzel13

saying people are hungry and thirsty

14 terms By SignorinaLynch Teacher

NOV 19 Asking what people are like?

6 terms By Sam_Lowery1 Teacher