UB Stem Change Verbs & Subject Pronouns

31 terms By asletson Teacher

Spanish Verbs,subject pronouns, and question words

23 terms By Emlee_Sanderford

Spanish verbs/subjects

18 terms By sgfields

Spanish verbs/ subject

10 terms By tristanburnham

Spanish Verbs/subjects

15 terms By CynthiaArmenta

Spanish Verb Subjects

6 terms By riley_ambrose

Judge/Koss Spanish 1 Unit 6: Verbs, Subject Pronouns and Ideas nouns

22 terms By fayekoss Teacher

-AR verb subject endings

15 terms By Alice_Bullard Teacher

K4 Quiz #2 Verbs & Subjects

26 terms By fraushafer Teacher

Spanish Verbs/Academic Subjects

44 terms By jennsouthard

Simsbury Spanish verbs, school supplies, numbers, interrogatives, and subject pronouns

181 terms By isabelbraverman

Spanish AR Verb-Subject Match - Translations

44 terms By nicoliv40

Spanish 1 Verb / Subject Pronouns

48 terms By namor0509

-Er verbs: subject & verb only

20 terms By MarieM77

FR 1 - Subjects & Verbs + Subject Pronouns

29 terms By mlle_burnette

Spanish verbs with subjects 1

22 terms By melissaokeke

AR Verbs & subject pronouns

40 terms By Mlopezdhs

Girtonfrench unit 6 verb subjects

28 terms By emilyjerwin

1. Important Spanish verbs in the present tense Estar Tener Ir no subject pronoun

21 terms By richard_charters1 Teacher

Spanish I - Conjugation of "-ar" verbs & Subject Pronouns

17 terms By noahkeppers

Spanish Verbs and School Subjects

49 terms By SarahMorgan97

Ar Verbs & Subject Pronouns

29 terms By SenoraClyne

Practice with Reflexive Verbs (verb & subject only)

57 terms By srasanch Teacher

ARE verbs - subject/verb agreement - 1

12 terms By SignorCaputo1

ITALIAN - "To Have" Verb & Subject Pronouns

29 terms By sjcbear13

Spanish verbs with subjects 2

22 terms By melissaokeke

Church Verbs + Subjects

16 terms By danilopowelllima

Spanish Phrases/ Subject Pronouns/ Spanish Verbs

33 terms By curcilil

Verbs+subjects pg 127

22 terms By tstrotman

Building Verbs + Subjects

15 terms By danilopowelllima

Bus Stop Verbs + Subjects

14 terms By danilopowelllima

Guide Verbs + Subjects

14 terms By danilopowelllima

-Ar Verbs/Subject Pronouns - 7th

51 terms By trent957

spanish verbs and subject rponouns

45 terms By jeffnypally

AR Verbs/Subject Pronouns

50 terms By CalebWages

AR Verbs/ Subject Pronouns

53 terms By whalerus

Verb Subjects Prep

31 terms By angelicaalday

AR verbs/Subject pronouns

51 terms By nahomaragaw

verbs/subject pronouns

9 terms By Wamzy

Sentences: verbs, subjects,time rreferences

10 terms By SMBurkhead

[english] agreement (subject-verb, subject-antecedent)

39 terms By shirleycai


80 terms By jun114

Present tense verb/subject endings

16 terms By The_Sheriff

ar verbs\subject pronouns

50 terms By alextrainer123

verb subject agreement

25 terms By 10scurry

spanish verbs and subjects

20 terms By penzie_allen28

-Ar Verbs/Subject Pronouns

50 terms By allysonwilson

Conjugating Verbs (Subject Pronouns Included)

33 terms By ProfeManzelli

spanish verb endings (ar) and subject pronouns

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Ar Verbs & Subject Pronouns

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