Spanish Vocabulary and Cognates

25 terms By SraPelka Teacher

Spanish Cognates-Torres Olivia Escobedo

48 terms By olivia_escobedo

List of Cognates- Torres (Zachary Fallon)

50 terms By zfallon10

Spanish cognates Torres-AnthonyMarquez

50 terms By imawesome4114

Spanish Cognates Torres-Princess

50 terms By Princess793

Spanish Cognates Torres-(Katherynn)

50 terms By kbbarlow16

Spanish Cognates torres raquelloving

51 terms By Godot22

Spanish Vocabulary -- False Cognates

42 terms By Questad Teacher

Spanish Cognates Torres-(Alyx)

50 terms By alyxrebo

Spanish cognates Torres- WILLLLLLL WARDDDDD

50 terms By wward10

Spanish Vocabulary (Cognates)

48 terms By Cduffin

Spanish Cognates Torres- Thompson

55 terms By Foxamt

Spanish cognates Torres- Cameron Bell

50 terms By cbell2012

Realidades 3 Chapter 9 Cognates Torres

37 terms By jtorresedu

Spanish cognates Torres-Myriam Warren

50 terms By mimigw

spanish cognates torres-Jessica owens

50 terms By imjxsmiles

Spanish Vocabulary - Torres 5th

25 terms By lexikennelly

Vocabulary: Cognates

48 terms By emilyannet2012

Technology Spanish Vocabulary Non-Cognates

47 terms By zoejudilla

Spanish Vocabulary: False Cognates

23 terms By EspanolFreak233

Spanish Vocabulary - Adjectives (Cognates)

20 terms By AngelaFedinec

Vocabulary - Cognates

18 terms By irisdian

SAT Spanish Vocabulary - False Cognates

11 terms By jwintersb

ASP IIi Vocabulary Cognates

25 terms By mtnbkr

SAT Subject Test Vocabulary- Cognates

25 terms By caroline_jones

Jackson's Cognates and Basic Phrases Spanish Vocabulary

20 terms By jacksonst

Vocabulary- Cognates

9 terms By Jacksonrideout12

Spanish Vocabulary False Cognates

8 terms By meghana_menon

Spanish I - Vocabulary - Cognates - List 1

11 terms By Katie_Sligger

Linzer Spanish-English Cognates

45 terms By linzer_dina Teacher

Vocabulary- Cognates 2

8 terms By Jacksonrideout12

Spanish-English Cognates

37 terms By jilfis

50 Common Spanish cognates

50 terms By mcranley Teacher

Spanish-English Cognates

38 terms By evameep672

Ness, Spanish I, Unit II, Part II (Cognates) Vocabulary

10 terms By Cindy_Ness Teacher

Spanish Cognates I

20 terms By profebruce Teacher

Spanish Cognates Sra. Torres (Alessandra)

50 terms By babi_italian

Daniel Torres p7-11

16 terms By markhahn1

torres spanish cognates raven mitchell

50 terms By ballayrae

6th Math Vocabulary -- S's (with Spanish cognates)

31 terms By MsMack Teacher

Spanish Cognates I

20 terms By toycar2003

6th Math Vocabulary -- O's & P's (with Spanish cognates)

39 terms By MsMack Teacher

6th Grade Math Vocabulary -- D's & E's (with Spanish cognates)

33 terms By MsMack Teacher

6th Grade Math Vocabulary -- C's (with Spanish cognates)

38 terms By MsMack Teacher

Spanish Animal cognates

23 terms By claudia_m4

Spanish to English Cognates List 1

20 terms By longjennifer

6th Math Vocabulary -- Q's & R's (with Spanish cognates)

28 terms By MsMack Teacher

6th Math Vocabulary -- T's thru Z's (with Spanish cognates)

28 terms By MsMack Teacher

Spanish 1 Cognate Vocabulary

50 terms By bleuskys14

6th Math Vocabulary -- H's thru L's (with Spanish cognates)

24 terms By MsMack Teacher