TEST study guide Regular Preterite Verbs.

170 terms By SrVanFleet Teacher

Irregular preterite verbs - YO FORMS and STEM CHANGERS

34 terms By jtennysonmenlo Teacher

8.2 Regular -AR/-ER/-IR Preterite tense verbs combined

93 terms By sldreyer Teacher


56 terms By karenlpope Teacher

ASD1, 8: Irregular Preterite Verbs

36 terms By HeilLL Teacher

DESCUBRE II Lección Preliminar : Other Irregular Preterite Verbs

12 terms By profehernandez Teacher

-ar preterite, verb ir preterite

31 terms By missbuttercup Teacher

100 Spanish Preterite verbs

100 terms By sradukala Teacher

Stem Changing IR Preterite Verbs

61 terms By marquezviada Teacher

regular -er/ir preterite verbs

60 terms By SrVanFleet Teacher

Quiz Tuesday May 20 vocab 8A and er/ir preterite

52 terms By jreardonfenwick Teacher

Irregular Preterite Verbs. (ir,ser,dar,ver,hacer,tener, estar, decir)

39 terms By SrVanFleet Teacher

Stem Changing Preterite Verbs

157 terms By clhead

Regular AR/ER/IR preterite verb endings

39 terms By MaestraWebb Teacher

Capítulo 2;2 Regular Preterite Verbs, Ir, & Hacer

38 terms By SenoraGeurtsen Teacher

Irregular Preterite Verbs - Ir, Ser, Hacer, Dar, Ver

35 terms By sendlein Teacher

Drabant MHS Spanish 2 Unit 2.1 -er and -ir regular preterit verbs

68 terms By drabantjanet Teacher

Spanish Preterite Verbs

24 terms By arthurwenzel Teacher

Grassel 2 - Ch. 8.2 -AR Preterite Verbs & "Ir"

62 terms By tgrassel Teacher

TEST study guide Regular Preterite Verbs.

30 terms By jmyers2013 Teacher

irregular preterit verbs - Branson SSHS 13-14

75 terms By gbranson Teacher

Regular Preterite Verb Endings

53 terms By sramelady Teacher

(3/17) Set 2. Regular "ar/er/ir" preterite verbs

125 terms By SrVanFleet Teacher

Spanish: Regular Preterite Verbs

170 terms By Ana_Mejia2 Teacher

-er / -ir preterit verbs

24 terms By LindsayJMarshall Teacher

Irregular Preterite Verbs

15 terms By TCASpanish3 Teacher

Irregular Preterite Verbs #1

20 terms By luchadorconan Teacher

Sp. 2, Ch.3, 10 irregular preterite verbs

51 terms By profenick Teacher

Ir Preterite Forms

5 terms By avellano74 Teacher

Stem Changing Preterite Verbs

82 terms By kimberlyengel Teacher

TEST study guide Regular Preterite Verbs

170 terms By hovdeh Teacher

Irregular preterite verbs

30 terms By SrtaBellis Teacher

Stem-Changing -ir preterite and 'y' (Sandal) verbs

45 terms By Michael_Shippie Teacher

Preterite verb families - stem change slipper

18 terms By profe1schrader Teacher

7.1 ER/IR Preterite Verbs

30 terms By Sr_Hammer Teacher

Spanish Vocabulary: Common "IR" Verbs

44 terms By EspanolFreak233

ar er ir preterite verbs

60 terms By amigosclass Teacher

Avancemos2; U2.L1 ER/IR preterite verbs

50 terms By profezawil Teacher

GWMS Regular Preterite Verb Endings

56 terms By gwmsforeignlanguage Teacher

Avancemos 2 U2L1 ER/IR preterite conjugations

57 terms By silvia_ceccarelli Teacher

Regular preterite verbs. (-ar, -er, -ir verbs)

180 terms By SrVanFleet Teacher

-AR, -ER, -IR Preterite Practice

27 terms By lizcoward Teacher

Profe E - Preterite verbs regular/cargarzar and "ir" "hacer" and "ver"

40 terms By censenat Teacher

Avancemos 3 U1L1 Irregular Preterite Verbs (short version)

24 terms By MaestraMcInnis Teacher

-er/-ir preterite

30 terms By gvera Teacher

1-2 ER/IR Preterite Conjugations

18 terms By hauseemily Teacher

Avancemos2; U2.L1 ER/IR preterite verbs and a few irregs

50 terms By sradukala Teacher

¡Qué Chévere! 2, Preterite Verbs

22 terms By jbergmeier Teacher

Regular -ar, -er, -ir Preterite Verbs

180 terms By SrVanFleet Teacher

Etapa 3 irregular preterit verbs (stem-changing -ir verbs & i-->y spelling change verbs)

35 terms By lgaray