Stem-Change Verbs

50 terms By Websterr Teacher

Spanish stem-changing verbs e to ie

21 terms By SraHolt2 Teacher

Stem-Change Verbs

17 terms By Websterr Teacher

Spanish Stem Change Verbs CH 6

5 terms By spedteachers Teacher

Spanish 1 Stem Changing Verbs - Unit 5

55 terms By ganbare Teacher

O - UE Stem-changing Verbs (boot verbs)

43 terms By Mellion Teacher

O-UE stem-change verbs

9 terms By sramihalyi Teacher

L4 Stem-changing verbs Significado

31 terms By ishultz Teacher

Spanish Stem Changing Verbs e to ie

18 terms By Sra_Lederer Teacher

Stem-changing Verbs Present Tense

62 terms By sahoffmann Teacher

Present Tense Stem Changing Verbs (L3)

33 terms By hgonzalezmhhs Teacher

Identifying Stem Change Verbs Spanish III H

25 terms By SraMarkiewicz Teacher

Spanish 2A - Chapter 6A: Stem-Changing Verbs

77 terms By Sra_Walker Teacher

Spanish 2 AMSCO Stem Change verbs 1 (e-ie) (o-ue)

35 terms By Nick_Ortega5 Teacher

1B - Ch 5a stem changing verbs

29 terms By SraWendt Teacher

Stem-changing Verbs (boot verbs)

66 terms By SraArredondo Teacher

Common Stem Changing Verbs

16 terms By Kathy_Mills8

The preterite - Stem-changing verbs

35 terms By PerkinsonSpanish Teacher

Just the 6 stem-changing verbs

12 terms By sra_knowles Teacher

Practice conjugating o->ue stem changing verbs

57 terms By Kannpowell Teacher

Stem-changing Verbs (boot verbs)

29 terms By maestrolaughlin Teacher


83 terms By osamayor Teacher

Stem-changing verbs translations

58 terms By SraArredondo Teacher

Stem changing verbs e>ie

12 terms By MelissaSmart Teacher


35 terms By senorapeters Teacher

Span. 4 Stem changing verbs (ar, er)

46 terms By sarahannbentley Teacher

Hablemos más Capítulo 1: Stem-changing verbs

22 terms By phillipsm724 Teacher

Spanish 2: Stem changing verbs

31 terms By Sra_Crossett Teacher

Stem-changing verbs

35 terms By ramoscar Teacher

stem-changing infinitives

84 terms By Troutman-Spanish Teacher

The preterite - Stem-changing verbs

34 terms By aapp1971 Teacher

Stem changing verbs

26 terms By jrussum Teacher

Stem-changing Present tense infinitives

31 terms By disom2642 Teacher

Stem-changing Verbs L4

20 terms By CLHSsenoraL Teacher

1A - stem-changing - groups

25 terms By profesora_crain Teacher

Chapter 7 - stem changing verbs

10 terms By LauraWLee Teacher

Stem-changing verbs

34 terms By Clare_Bucher Teacher

Stem Changing Verbs

4 terms By TP-English Teacher

Stem-changing Verbs PRACTICE ONLY

40 terms By ProfeBistany Teacher

Preterite of stem-changing verbs

34 terms By SraBurk Teacher

Stem changing verbs: e to ie and o or u to ue

30 terms By donnabrich Teacher