Practice conjugating stem-changing verbs

50 terms By homerny Teacher

UNIDAD 4.1 Stem-Changing Verbs

36 terms By mcanmann Teacher

Stem Change Practice

27 terms By Benja_Catton Teacher

Stem-changing verbs (e:ie)

9 terms By SrMejia Teacher

the preterite forms - stem-changing verbs

34 terms By gbranson Teacher

NHHS Stem Changing Verbs

30 terms By fosterb Teacher

106. Stem-changing Verbs

17 terms By juanitomercier Teacher

Stem-Changing Verbs (What's the stem change?)

13 terms By Richard_Jaramillo Teacher

Stem- Changing Verbs

108 terms By MsFinnegan Teacher

Stem-Changing Verbs

20 terms By SrtaViviani Teacher

Esp 1 Stem-changing verbs

29 terms By srasuski Teacher

The Present tense of verbs with stem changes

16 terms By marymoran Teacher

Stem Changing IR Preterite Verbs

61 terms By marquezviada Teacher

E-IE stem-change verbs

8 terms By sramihalyi Teacher

Stem-changing verbs

32 terms By ProfeCochran Teacher

Spanish 2: Stem-changing Verbs (boot verbs)

28 terms By srariosSV Teacher

Stem Changing Verbs - Present Tense

90 terms By meganba14 Teacher

Stem-Changing Verbs Present Tense

145 terms By tnovakEA Teacher

Gringos Pages "Stem change verbs E>IE"

54 terms By Lueann Teacher

Preterite Stem-changing verbs

30 terms By profebollman Teacher

Preterite: 12 common -IR stem-changing verbs

60 terms By cenzontle22 Teacher

Stem Changing Verbs Present Tense

39 terms By Armandospanish Teacher


42 terms By SrMontes Teacher

Nov 24/25: Stem-changing verbs

40 terms By chicteacher Teacher

Stem-changing verbs

61 terms By sarahshepard14 Teacher

Stem-changing Verbs Chapter 7

49 terms By Rommy_Woodley Teacher

5B: Stem-Changing Verbs

50 terms By Sra_Walker Teacher

Exprésate 1 - Capítulo 7: stem-changing verbs

33 terms By bfuller1226 Teacher


37 terms By minettili Teacher

ASD 1: Ch 5 Stem Changing verbs

41 terms By j_spencer Teacher

Esp 1 e-ie stem-changing verbs

49 terms By srasuski Teacher

Stem Changing Spanish Verbs E to I

19 terms By csmaxwell

Stem-Changing Verb Practice

48 terms By Spanmancd Teacher

Stem Changing Verbs

64 terms By sraduwel Teacher

O:UE Stem Changing Verbs

22 terms By senorastephens Teacher

Verbs - Stem Changing - (E:IE), (O:UE), (E:I)

30 terms By Pecosoloco Teacher

Midterm - stem changing verbs

10 terms By Nayeli_Pena Teacher

Stem Changing (Boot Verbs)

26 terms By PHSMathews Teacher

Stem changing verbs

70 terms By srawhiteside Teacher

Stem change review

72 terms By sra_mireles Teacher

Spanish 4 infinitives (irr, stem-changing)

40 terms By SrVanFleet Teacher

Stem-changing Verbs from Spanish 1

38 terms By sra_knowles Teacher

Buen Viaje Chapter 7 Stem Changing Verbs

27 terms By LauraWLee Teacher


15 terms By minettili Teacher

stem changing verbs [i] (1-7)

7 terms By drjrodriguez Teacher

Stem-Changing Present Tense Verbs

40 terms By Brooke_Oast Teacher

Stem-changing Verbs

66 terms By Richard_Jaramillo Teacher