-AR/ER/IR Verb Ending Practice

By Takiyah_MyersTEACHER
55 terms by Takiyah_MyersTEACHER

-AR/ER/IR Verb Ending Practice

By Carl_BoisvertTEACHER
55 terms by Carl_BoisvertTEACHER

Regular Preterite Verb Endings

By srameladyTEACHER
53 terms by srameladyTEACHER

Verb Ending Practice (Optional)

By Takiyah_MyersTEACHER
55 terms by Takiyah_MyersTEACHER

AR Verb Endings

10 terms by SraBuningTEACHER

Spanish Vocabulary Verbs Ending In -AR

By Madisonmoore7
61 terms by Madisonmoore7

PRETERITE TENSE > REGULAR -AR VERBS (endings) espanolextra

By espanolextraTEACHER
27 terms by espanolextraTEACHER

GWMS Regular Preterite Verb Endings

By gwmsforeignlanguageTEACHER
56 terms by gwmsforeignlanguageTEACHER

Spanish regular AR verbs endings

By jamoscosoTEACHER
12 terms by jamoscosoTEACHER

Regular AR/ER/IR preterite verb endings

By MaestraWebbTEACHER
39 terms by MaestraWebbTEACHER

regular -AR verbs endings , preterite, Spanish, VGR

By marlwood2TEACHER
6 terms by marlwood2TEACHER

Spanish 3 AR Preterite verb endings

By porterspanishTEACHER
9 terms by porterspanishTEACHER

Present Tense Verb Endings - Spanish

By jenniferkent8TEACHER
27 terms by jenniferkent8TEACHER

Regular Preterite -ar Verb Endings

By brentsimpson1TEACHER
20 terms by brentsimpson1TEACHER

Spanish -AR verb endings in the present tense

By jlewisespanol
5 terms by jlewisespanol

- AR Preterite verb endings

By cjames18TEACHER
18 terms by cjames18TEACHER

Regular Preterite Verb Endings w/gar,car,zar

By CStanberryTEACHER
53 terms by CStanberryTEACHER

Preterite of "-ar" verb endings

By mclonanTEACHER
6 terms by mclonanTEACHER

Regular Preterite Verb Endings w/gar,car,zar

By SraShieldsTEACHER
53 terms by SraShieldsTEACHER

Regular Preterite Verb Endings w/gar,car,zar

By annbaltrumTEACHER
51 terms by annbaltrumTEACHER

Preterit Regular AR, ER, IR verb endings

By evillalobos10TEACHER
18 terms by evillalobos10TEACHER

Regular Preterite Verb Endings w/gar,car,zar

By pagenpTEACHER
53 terms by pagenpTEACHER

Verb Endings

By cgourlayTEACHER
26 terms by cgourlayTEACHER

Preterite tense endings 1: AR verb endings.

By demarcus_cullorsTEACHER
5 terms by demarcus_cullorsTEACHER

7B. Preterite tense of verbs ending in -ar

By SenorFerrara
30 terms by SenorFerrara

Regular -AR Verb Endings in the Preterite Tense

By imolanderTEACHER
15 terms by imolanderTEACHER

Spanish ar er ir regular verb endings

By robertberriosTEACHER
27 terms by robertberriosTEACHER

Regular Preterite -ar verb endings

By bvanderwiltTEACHER
6 terms by bvanderwiltTEACHER

Repaso Chapter 3: Stem-changing boot verbs ending in -ar and -er

By actuohyTEACHER
47 terms by actuohyTEACHER

verbs ending in -ar spn 7

By sra-schaferTEACHER
20 terms by sra-schaferTEACHER

Vocabulary 4 / Verbs ending in: -ar

By Mrs_RapaloTEACHER
10 terms by Mrs_RapaloTEACHER

Vocabulario 4, español 2 Regular Verbs ending in AR

30 terms by ShawRainsTEACHER


By Viviana_HillmannTEACHER
25 terms by Viviana_HillmannTEACHER

Ar preterite endings

By Breana81
9 terms by Breana81

Conjugation: AR verb endings

By roblewis1979TEACHER
10 terms by roblewis1979TEACHER

Spanish -ar verb endings

By TheLanguageProfessorTEACHER
10 terms by TheLanguageProfessorTEACHER

-ar verb endings

10 terms by XCSSpanishTEACHER

Verb Endings -ar (Preterite Tense)

By Wallace12213
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Regular verb ending -ar preterite

By rachel_davidson81
6 terms by rachel_davidson81

Preterite Tense -ar Verbs Endings

By elizabeth_medina47TEACHER
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GIMS Level 2 Spanish: Verbs+endings

By angims
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Spanish 3: Preterite Endings -ar Verbs

By CassieMaz103
53 terms by CassieMaz103

22. Preterite endings -ar verbs

By MrsSemenzatoTEACHER
4 terms by MrsSemenzatoTEACHER

Spanish - Present tense of Verbs ending with -ar

By mpalomeTEACHER
38 terms by mpalomeTEACHER

Regular -AR Preterite Verbs

By VikkiBroidaTEACHER
42 terms by VikkiBroidaTEACHER

AR PRETERIT - Regular Verb (meanings) 3rd year

By rebeccaonTEACHER
97 terms by rebeccaonTEACHER

Spanish Preterite Forms: Endings (ar, ir, er verbs)

By briandlinn7
15 terms by briandlinn7

Preterite Tense (Regular -Ar verb Endings)

By amigosclassTEACHER
6 terms by amigosclassTEACHER