21 terms By SAS_

The Months of the Year in Spanish

12 terms By j_spencer Teacher


48 terms By Nick-Heyl

La Familia - Family in Spanish

34 terms By Sra-Penaranda Teacher

Basic Spanish: Chapter 2

30 terms By jescdevine Teacher

Spanish: Body Parts

29 terms By MsFrasier Teacher

Common verbs- Spanish 2

126 terms By llozada Teacher

Prepositions in Spanish

11 terms By quizlette586408 Teacher

Frequent Spanish Verbs

28 terms By apriljobeasley Teacher

Basic Spanish: Chapter 1

28 terms By jescdevine Teacher

9th grade spanish- body parts mrhs

10 terms By marleneluciano Teacher

Spanish colors

21 terms By srtawilliamson Teacher

Spanish House Terms

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34 terms By cambio1

Spanish 2 VQ 4 (Vistas Lesson 8)

30 terms By SenorK Teacher

Telling Time in Spanish - with clocks

55 terms By latin38704 Teacher

Spanish House Vocab

27 terms By elierabinowitz Teacher

Honors Spanish -2 Unidad 2 Etapa 2

52 terms By donestevez Teacher

501 verbs in Spanish - set 5

50 terms By marisolmarcin Teacher

Spanish Verbs in the Preterite Tense

50 terms By senorfawcett Teacher

Spanish: Body Parts

27 terms By smchristopher15 Teacher

Spanish Numbers 1-100, Ordinals

50 terms By wendyestaffieri Teacher

Groceries - Spanish

20 terms By TheLanguageProfessor Teacher

Spanish 1: Realidades 1, Chapter 5A

69 terms By profebruce Teacher

Spanish 3 chapter Chapter 4 vocab 1 la familia

25 terms By rebeccastevenson Teacher

Spanish Nouns - Air Travel

25 terms By mjelepis

Weather, Seasons, Months in Spanish

30 terms By magana-saenz Teacher

Primer Libro Spanish Verbs

158 terms By eldentlinger Teacher

Los Deportes (Spanish Sports Vocab)

12 terms By oldestmanever

11 Reflexive Verbs conjugated eng/spanish

82 terms By Annette_Valente Teacher


29 terms By jimsaali Teacher

spanish classroom objects

25 terms By davtammac Teacher

Spanish 2 VQ 5 (Vistas Lesson 8)

27 terms By SenorK Teacher

Learn Spanish - Places (Lugares)

28 terms By aemind Teacher

Learn Spanish - Verbs 2

24 terms By aemind Teacher

Spanish Preterite Verbs

24 terms By arthurwenzel Teacher

Learn Spanish - Verbs 4

24 terms By aemind Teacher

Learn Spanish - Verbs 3

24 terms By aemind Teacher

Spanish Sentences with Plural and singular

31 terms By robertberrios Teacher

Dunsmoor Numbers in Spanish (1-100)

100 terms By Ardys_Dunsmoor Teacher

Spanish verbs that behave like the verb "gustar"

40 terms By LiveTheLanguage Teacher

LecciĆ³n 2.1-2.4 (English, Spanish, and photos)

104 terms By thespanishbenge Teacher

Quizlet 1: Medical-Spanish to English

108 terms By MmeThomas Teacher

Learn Spanish - Transportation

23 terms By aemind Teacher

Spanish Emotions and Estar with Pictures

30 terms By Rachel_Woldt Teacher

Places (Spanish 2)

16 terms By bourquephs Teacher

Spanish 3 Unit 2B - Amistad y Amor

33 terms By Sra_Gonzales Teacher

The 12 Months (in Spanish)

12 terms By carusospanish Teacher