Spanish One Review

78 terms by SrDiegoTEACHER

Spanish Clothing

By davtammacTEACHER
27 terms by davtammacTEACHER

Basic Spanish: Chapter 3

By jescdevineTEACHER
33 terms by jescdevineTEACHER

Spanish House Vocabulary

By iz_gupta
86 terms by iz_gupta

Spanish 1 - Vocabulary - La Clase - People, Places, & Things

By ashliekmillerTEACHER
28 terms by ashliekmillerTEACHER

Basic Spanish: Chapter 4

By jescdevineTEACHER
32 terms by jescdevineTEACHER

Basic Spanish: Chapter 6

By jescdevineTEACHER
32 terms by jescdevineTEACHER

Spanish 1, Unit 1, Welcome to Spanish, part 2, NNPS

By wendy_stuckTEACHER
43 terms by wendy_stuckTEACHER

Spanish 1 Unit 1 Welcome to Spanish, part 1 NNPS

By wendy_stuckTEACHER
35 terms by wendy_stuckTEACHER

Spanish Preterite Regular Verbs Practice

By profebollmanTEACHER
50 terms by profebollmanTEACHER

Spanish 2 Vocabulary 1B: Chores, Plans, and Tener Phrases

By spedteachersTEACHER
27 terms by spedteachersTEACHER

A2 Spanish AQA Translation phrases

By gcrowsonTEACHER
35 terms by gcrowsonTEACHER


By profehaubsTEACHER
47 terms by profehaubsTEACHER

100 common Spanish words

By SanderlinTEACHER
100 terms by SanderlinTEACHER

Spanish numbers 1-100

By wdenhamTEACHER
100 terms by wdenhamTEACHER

Spanish Adjectives

By dfrks
187 terms by dfrks

Spanish Numbers 0-30

By TheLanguageProfessorTEACHER
31 terms by TheLanguageProfessorTEACHER

La Familia - Family in Spanish

By Sra-PenarandaTEACHER
34 terms by Sra-PenarandaTEACHER

Spanish Greetings

By TheLanguageProfessorTEACHER
24 terms by TheLanguageProfessorTEACHER

The Months of the Year in Spanish

By j_spencerTEACHER
12 terms by j_spencerTEACHER


By Nick-Heyl
48 terms by Nick-Heyl

Medical Spanish - the pain/el dolor

By uraniaperezTEACHER
12 terms by uraniaperezTEACHER

Basic Spanish: Chapter 2

By jescdevineTEACHER
30 terms by jescdevineTEACHER

Spanish Numbers 1-30

By romig_kTEACHER
30 terms by romig_kTEACHER

Spanish (Irregular Verbs)

By doug0331
30 terms by doug0331

Spanish 1 - Greetings and Farewells

By Landy_HilgerTEACHER
8 terms by Landy_HilgerTEACHER

Spanish 2 VQ 4 (Vistas Lesson 8)

30 terms by SenorKTEACHER

Spanish 3 chapter Chapter 4 vocab 1 la familia

By rebeccastevensonTEACHER
25 terms by rebeccastevensonTEACHER

Spanish Numbers 1-100, Ordinals

By wendyestaffieriTEACHER
50 terms by wendyestaffieriTEACHER

Spanish: Body Parts

29 terms by MsFrasierTEACHER

Spanish 2 VQ 5 (Vistas Lesson 8)

27 terms by SenorKTEACHER

Common verbs- Spanish 2

By llozadaTEACHER
126 terms by llozadaTEACHER

Frequent Spanish Verbs

By apriljobeasleyTEACHER
28 terms by apriljobeasleyTEACHER

Telling Time in Spanish - with clocks

By latin38704TEACHER
55 terms by latin38704TEACHER

V13 Adjectives- Fit Feel Spanish to English

By senorawolfTEACHER
41 terms by senorawolfTEACHER

Basic Spanish: Chapter 1

By jescdevineTEACHER
28 terms by jescdevineTEACHER

Spanish Present Tense KS3 verbs I part

By gcrowsonTEACHER
40 terms by gcrowsonTEACHER


21 terms by SAS_

Honors Spanish -2 Unidad 2 Etapa 2

By donestevezTEACHER
52 terms by donestevezTEACHER

Spanish Verbs in the Preterite Tense

By senorfawcettTEACHER
50 terms by senorfawcettTEACHER

9th grade spanish- body parts mrhs

By marlenelucianoTEACHER
10 terms by marlenelucianoTEACHER

Spanish 1: Realidades 1, Chapter 5A

By profebruceTEACHER
69 terms by profebruceTEACHER

Los Deportes (Spanish Sports Vocab)

By oldestmanever
12 terms by oldestmanever

Spanish colors

By srtawilliamsonTEACHER
21 terms by srtawilliamsonTEACHER

Spanish House Vocab

By elierabinowitzTEACHER
27 terms by elierabinowitzTEACHER

Spanish: Body Parts

By smchristopher15TEACHER
27 terms by smchristopher15TEACHER

Weather, Seasons, Months in Spanish

By magana-saenzTEACHER
30 terms by magana-saenzTEACHER

11 Reflexive Verbs conjugated eng/spanish

By Annette_ValenteTEACHER
82 terms by Annette_ValenteTEACHER

Spanish House Terms

By jamesbrodie2127
26 terms by jamesbrodie2127

Groceries - Spanish

By TheLanguageProfessorTEACHER
20 terms by TheLanguageProfessorTEACHER