Spanish Numbers 1-100

41 terms By Abaluka8 Teacher


21 terms By SAS_ Teacher

Spanish 2 - Verb List

51 terms By ashliekmiller Teacher

Spanish Adjectives IV (colors & numbers)

22 terms By GPSstudent123 Teacher

Spanish Numbers 0-100

38 terms By lydialgrier Teacher

Realidades Spanish II Chapter 5A Vocabulary

50 terms By ricomo Teacher

Basic Spanish - How are you?

24 terms By Grapepickers Teacher

Spanish time

20 terms By robertberrios Teacher

Spanish Family Vocab

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9th grade spanish- body parts mrhs

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Karraker Spanish I activities

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47 terms By saa

Spanish 1, Unit 8, clothing only, Looking Good! ¡Me veo bien! NNPS

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Spanish Sports

16 terms By johndemler Teacher

PHAM- SPANISH- Fruits and Vegetables

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Spanish 1 VERBS - definitions

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11 Reflexive Verbs conjugated eng/spanish

82 terms By Annette_Valente Teacher

Preterite - Spanish

62 terms By ProfesoraTurner Teacher

Spanish Body parts

25 terms By extremepartyrocker

Spanish Weather

13 terms By johndemler Teacher

SPANISH PHAM GUSTAR - Frutas y verduras

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Spanish Shopping

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Spanish 8 Unit 9A

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5.2 Spanish Weather Forecast

37 terms By sragoff Teacher

Spanish Numbers 1-100

100 terms By Almazan Teacher

spanish food

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Groceries - Spanish

20 terms By TheLanguageProfessor Teacher

Spanish Verb Infinitives -- -AR -ER -IR Complete List

66 terms By janiceribeiro Teacher

Irregular Preterites - Spanish

60 terms By ProfesoraTurner Teacher

Telling Time in Spanish

31 terms By dwilliamson_lhsi_org Teacher

Describing words in Spanish

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Spanish - Animals (188)

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Numbers in Spanish

32 terms By kerrykettering Teacher

100 Common Spanish Verbs

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AQA Spanish GCSE Vocabulary 5

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AQA Spanish GCSE Vocabulary 1

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Spanish 101, Numbers

56 terms By Caroline_J_France Teacher

Frequent Spanish Verbs

28 terms By apriljobeasley Teacher

Spanish: Body Parts

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Spanish Greetings 1

14 terms By Alfia20 Teacher

Spanish-speaking countries and capitals (and map)

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Honors Spanish -2 Unidad 3 Etapa 2

44 terms By donestevez Teacher

AQA Spanish GCSE Vocabulary 17

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48 terms By Nick-Heyl


29 terms By jimsaali Teacher

spanish classroom objects

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Spanish 1 Final Review: weather, nature, clothing & tiene expressions

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Spanish Imperfect Tense Conjugations and Signal Words

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Easy Spanish Verbs

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100 terms By s503953