Future Tense Irregular Stems French

14 terms By 11EmiPo

Irregular Future and Conditional Stems (French III)

13 terms By lowmell Teacher

Irregular Future Stems (french)

12 terms By JackHardage

Future Tense Irregular Stems - French GCSE

13 terms By Nicolo_S

Future/Conditional stems -- French 4 Advanced

25 terms By frenchwhs

irregular futur stems french

18 terms By kristycat

Future/conditional irregular stems (French)

18 terms By ZahraSaifudeen

Irregular Futur Stems - French 2020

23 terms By pes8bw

Subjunctive Stems - French 3

26 terms By marka_e

Irregular Future and Conditional Stems (French III)

13 terms By madameconrad

Irregular Future/Conditional Stems - French

15 terms By Shrimpy247

irregular future stems-french

21 terms By bella4_4

Irregular Future and Conditional Stems (French IV)

20 terms By madameconrad

Irregular verb stems french

18 terms By tuuuba

Future/Conditional Verb Tense Irregular Stems - French

24 terms By ernischwitz

Future Stem - French

15 terms By Hilly1000

Irregular Future stems -- French 2 Advanced

13 terms By frenchwhs

Irregular Future Stems French

18 terms By eboettcher14

Irregular Future Stems French

19 terms By katharine132

Futur and Conditionnel Stems-- French

25 terms By theturtle96

Future And Conditional Irregular Stems (French 3)

17 terms By alex_tutwiler

Future Stems French

26 terms By amberwoodman

Imperfect Stems- French III

7 terms By budgerigar42

Irregular Future Stems: French

15 terms By TaylorStorlie

Conditional irregular verb stems (French II)

12 terms By hlchristopher18

Futur Simple Irregular Stems - French Ch 11

19 terms By suzanne_lasater

Future/Conditional Irregular/Common Stems - French 3

27 terms By marka_e

Future stems- French 3

12 terms By lilygasper

irregular future stems FRENCH

15 terms By baddeleyh

Irregular future tense stems - French 2

11 terms By anyajustin

Irregular stems French Futur/Conditionnel

23 terms By jsquare10

Irregular future stems French

18 terms By 07alexcasement

Irregular future simple stems (FRENCH)

15 terms By alys_morris

Verbs with Irregular Future Stems (French)

15 terms By CAMEL77

Irregular Future Stems (french 3)

15 terms By agruendyke

Future Stems (FRENCH 3)

16 terms By anna_haag1

Conditional Endings & Stems French III

13 terms By samanth879

Conditionnel/Future Simple Stems (French)

20 terms By Michaela_Feltt

Future irregular stems french

20 terms By micy34

Irregular future stems (French)

12 terms By TeddyStudies

Subjunctive irregular verb stems French

11 terms By jeffmari

Irregular Future and Conditional Stems French

38 terms By sjslack18

Future Stems French 3 test

15 terms By sarahjess1

The Future/ irregular future stems French 3

22 terms By madens7

Irregular Conditional Stems (French III H)

18 terms By ad1098

Irregular simple/conditional stems (French)

14 terms By christineburke96

future simple irregular stems French 4

21 terms By gildersleeveg16

Irregular Future Stems French

10 terms By loisj

Futur Irregular Stems- French 2

16 terms By TheEllaHunt

Imperfect stems French

20 terms By Sara_Singer4